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retirement home in pune

When should you move to a Retirement Home? 

The decision to move into a retirement home need not be taken lightly. It is one of the most crucial decisions which need to be taken into consideration after your retirement based on your future and your needs of yours. Moving into a retirement home is a big step and it requires a lot of decisions to be done in advance.  But one question which stuck in the mind of every senior citizen is “what is the best time to shift to a retirement home”. The right time for shifting into a retirement home depends from individual to individual. Therefore it is necessary that you must plan it before. Below are some factors, after going through them you will be able to figure out when you should shift into a retirement home in India. 

Signs which show it may be the time to move into the retirement home. 

  • You find yourself tired and lethargic and struggle with the daily essential home task. 
  • Your children might not be living with you or there is no one in your family to look upon you. 
  • Due to age constraints, you are not able to manage your house properly. 
  • You or your children might have concerns about their safety and want to live under observation. 
  • You might be suffering from dementia disease. 

What is the perfect age to move to retirement age? 

The decision to move into a retirement home depends on the individual decision. Most people do not shift until any diagnosis or any disease forces them to let them know that they are no more able to live in their own home. The best age to move into a retirement home is 55 years. At this age, everyone wants to live independently and maintain a free active lifestyle.

The houses at these retirement home towns are mainly for sale and purchase. Along with this, it varies townships that deal in rental retirement homes. If you are planning to move into a retirement home in India and are confused with which one to go with. The Dignity lifestyle would be the best choice. It is one of the best retirement home in Pune. It is a hassle-free township to senior citizen which specialized in promoting active productive living. 

Benefits of Moving into the Retirement Home. 

You will experience a plethora of benefits after moving into the retirement home. Here are some of the top benefits of moving into a retirement home in India. 

  • Socialize- A retirement township is a place where a group of like-minded people stays together. The best part about these centers is that you get a chance to interact and socialize with people of the same age group.

  • Stay together with your partner- Many couples who are living in the later year of their age find themselves separated due to being age constrained. The best part of living in the retirement community is that you live with your partner altogether.

  • Safety- Safety and security are major issues, particularly in cities, where crime against elderly adults is on the rise. Many assisted-living facilities have 24-hour security, and some even have CCTV—not to snoop on the elderly, but to ensure that everything is in order. There are also emergency medical services available. If a senior adult is involved in an accident or has a medical emergency, they can be swiftly transported to a hospital or given first assistance.

  • Better life- The ‘golden years of life’ are a term used to describe the era after retirement. This is a time in life when a person is free of practically all personal obligations and can pursue a more easygoing lifestyle. However, there is still a need for aid. Given that these are also the years when one’s health isn’t at its greatest, daily tasks like cooking, laundry, and house cleaning may require some assistance.