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retirement home in India

Top Insane but true things about the retirement home in India. 

Two of the most significant question an elderly person always thought of is where to retire and when to retire.  People, when heard or thought about the retirement home most of the things, are either unbelievable or most of the things give you the hope of shifting to the retirement home. After going through this article you will get to know about a lot of things which may sound unreal to you but they are true. 

Top Insane but true things about the retirement home in India. 


You are independent like a bird. There are a lot of misconceptions which you will find among the elderly people is that you do not get independence. The truth is that you get full fledgedlly independence at the retirement home. You will not find yourself restricted to the work or choices which might find your home. From socializing all day to reading, waking up early and getting together like-minded people of your own age. It is that phrase where you live and enjoy moments of your life. 

At dignity life which is among the best retirement home in Mumbai ensure that you get true independence which you might not have experienced early before. No one is there to hold you back with the limitation. The retirement home at dignity lifestyle makes sure that you live your life with dignity and grace. They want that as an elder couple you live with independence and freedom in the funfilled environment.


The dignity lifestyle understands the various limitation that elder age couples usually face in their day-to-day life. The best part at this retirement home is that you will find an environment that keeps you engaging towards your physical and mental activities. You will find all the amenities which you will find at your home. 

Health Care-  

The dignity lifestyle is known for providing health and medical care services with the utmost facilities and responsibilities. At dignity lifestyle, you will get 24×7 medical and health attention. You will find the resident doctors which are available on the go. Continuous treatment and medical sessions keep on holding. Various sessions of ophthalmic, orthopedic, cardiac, ENT, dental, and physiotherapy specialists. The Township also employs two in-house counselors for psychotherapy. 


Services and facilities is one of the most crucial part where dignity lifestyle is expertise at. Puja Garden, Hobby Garden, Vegetable Farm, Nakshatra Garden, Walking Track, Amphitheatre, Geriatric Fitness Club, Yoga Terrace, Acupressure Lawn, Outdoor Gym, and Spa are just few of the things that you will find the dignity lifestyle. You will also find residents which help you keep a variety of ways to be physically fit and socially active, maintain emotional and spiritual balance, and stay connected to their friends and loved ones.