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Top 4 Early signs of a Weak Immunity System

If your body is a castle, then the immunity system is the group of guards that keeps the castle protected round the clock. And without these guards, the entire castle will be exposed to a wide array of risks which in this case can vary from minor infections to serious health issues. 

If the body’s immunity system is on point, it keeps our body in an indescribably healthy condition. Still, due to our sedentary lifestyle, increasing stress, unhealthy eating habits, and lack of health concerns, we keep on wreaking havoc on the immunity system. Over time, it keeps getting weak. 

The immunity system should always be on an even keel because even a minor imbalance in the immunity system can lead to certain issues. For example, if the immunity system acts too soon, you have to deal with allergies; if the immunity system turns inwards and attacks your body, you have to deal with autoimmune diseases. 

You will be surprised to know that more than 80 ailments result from a weak or improperly functioning immune system. That is why, in this blog post, we will discuss the immunity system and go through the early signs of a weak immunity system. 

What is an immunity system?

The immunity system is a complicated network of organs, cells, tissues, and other substances that work together to fight against diseases and infections. Some significant parts of the immunity system are;

  • White blood cells 
  • Organs and tissues of;
  • Tonsils 
  • Bone marrow 
  • Lymph vessels 
  • Thymus
  • Lymph nodes and much more 

Suppose a person is dealing with a weak immunity system. In that case, apart from making dietary changes, most doctors suggest making the best immune booster supplements inherent to the diet for a long period. These supplements directly act on the immunity system and help it regain its ability to keep diseases and infection at bay. 

How does the immunity system work?

At first, the immunity system builds the first layer of protection for our body to keep the invaders in the form of antigens from even entering the body. And even if the invader can sneak into the body, the immune system acts by producing chemicals, proteins, and white blood cells to eradicate the invader. 

The immune system keeps a log of the germs it has dealt with so that it will be ready to deal with them even in the future. It is another reason everyone should not thwart from using an immune booster as a properly functioning immune system is vital to a healthy life. 

Four Signs of a weak immunity system 

Stress is inherent in your life.

If you feel groggy after a project or fall sick after dealing with an emotional situation at home, this should never be overlooked, as regularly stressing about something can weaken the immunity system. 

With almost 33% of the people in the world dealing with extreme situations of stress and 77% of people dealing with physical issues due to stress, having a weak immune system can be very common.

Digestive issues 

Every year, more than 62 million Americans are diagnosed with digestive issues. Even if all those issues might not be related to the immunity system, a significant portion of them are.

Many scientists believe that the leading cause of many ailments is a digestive issue. Apart from your unhealthy lifestyle that includes junk food and no physical exercise, even a weak immune system can be a reason behind your not-so-happy gut. 

The best thing one can do in such a case, apart from using an immune booster, is to start following an easily digestible diet. According to the experts, a mix of an immune booster and a balanced diet can give the best result in such cases.

The common cold is common in your life!

If you belong to the young or adult-age category and catch a cold once or twice a year, it is something prevalent, and there is nothing to worry about. Still, if the common cold has become a common part of your life, you must consider using curcumin supplements.

It takes around 2-3 days for the immune system to build immunity against those pesky germs, but if you have a constant cold and cough, then your immunity system might not be working well, and it might need a boost in the form of immune booster supplements.

The wound takes ages to heal. 

The skin automatically turns itself into the damage control mode whenever it encounters any kind of wound, but if you have a weak immune system and if you are not even taking any type of immune booster, then it can take the wounds ages to heal. 

The skin cannot generate because of the sluggish immune system, which is what you have to keep tabs on, especially if it has become a regular occurrence. 

Early detection of a weak immune system can keep you from dealing with infections and, in some cases, even serious illnesses. The body is designed to give us many signs of a weak immune system, and all it takes for you to notice is a bit of information and being a little more attentive towards the body.