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The Toughest Obstacle And Mud Runs in The UK

If you’re going to challenge yourself this year, make sure you do it right. Yes, a ten-kilometre run is excellent but doesn’t ten miles of fire, water, hills, and rope swings sound more exciting? Or is it hellish? 

Perhaps it is only through enduring the ravages of hell that we get stronger, fitter, and quicker. Also, it’s known that the prep for one of these obstacle courses is so fun – from making sure that you’re well mentally and physically trained to having the appropriate trainers and workout gear. This can get quite expensive, so make sure that you’re using the correct Nike discount codes to save yourself some time and money.

Obstacle course events and mud runs have lost popularity in recent years, and the pandemic has proven too much for some organisers. But alas – this year, they are back with a vengeance with your name written all over it in blood, sweat and tears. Don’t be put off; they are still a fun day out and something to tick off your bucket list.

Below is a list of the best obstacle courses and mud runs in the UK!

Teamwork: Tough Mudder

The UK’s largest, not the toughest, mud run. The “Classic” events forgo timing chips in exchange for teamwork: certain obstacles are hard to overcome without assistance, so anticipate participants to assist one another across mud pools and over barriers. Classic races generally consist of 16-19 kilometres of uphill racing, with elements such as the Arctic Enema (a dip into frigid water) and electric shocks interspersed among the more classic physical challenges. A 12-hour through-the-night race includes a timed wave if you feel the need to prove you’re the hardest person around. Shorter courses that are 5k and 10K are also available.

Intermediate; The Dirty Devil Stampede

This newish winter competition, which will take place every January, will test all abilities with 5km, 10km, and 15km races through Bovington Camp, the country’s one and only tank training area. 

There are no man-made barriers here, just those built by tanks. As you race over tank tyre tracks and craters, over hills, sandpits, and into icy water, expect it to get hot, gritty, and dirty. Just like the name suggests – it’s like the devils’ playground, completely hell-like.

For the Pros: Spartan Race

The Spartan race has three difficulty levels ranging from “sprint” to “super” to “beast,” which is an excellent place to start competing in obstacle sports. 

The first event, which takes place in the south of England and Ireland, requires you to navigate through 20 obstacles over 5 kilometres, the second adds 25 challenges over 13 kilometres, and the third throws 30 obstacles at you over a half marathon-plus course. 

If all of that seems too easy, try one of the ultra-endurance events, such as the Ultra Beast (41+km, 60+ obstacles) and the Hurricane Heat 12 Hour (12 hours of physically and psychologically gruelling activity), or the Agoge, a 60-hour event that will test your resolve.

So there you have it, our list of the best obstacle courses and mud races in the UK; hopefully, you’ll find one that appeals to you. 

Top tip: Start with a reduced distance or one of the less challenging events if you’re new to obstacle course racing, and remember to have fun!