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List of Free Email Services Without Phone Number Verification

 Can you imagine email without a phone number? Yes, it is possible, there are several email service providers which allow users to create email without a phone number.

So, let’s check out some of the email services through which you can create email without a phone number.

Email Services that Don’t Require Phone Number.

For your better understanding, we have sorted emails that don’t require a phone number in a table format, so you can easily compare and understand which email service offers what.


Advantages. Disadvantages 
  • Neat User interface
  • Not good enough management functionality
  • Offers more than 200 Domains
  • Doesn’t support POP and IMAP access with the free version.
  • Limitless storage options
  • Don’t support the label messages attribute.
  • Accepts attachment up to 50 MB
  • The encryption email is missing.
  • Easily Accessible through popular email clients such as, Gmail, and Yahoo Mail.
  • No support for Antivirus.


Advantages. Disadvantages 
  • Support of Encrypted Calendar
  • Does Not support IMApp or POP
  • Top Notch Security
  • Little expensive for additional storage space.
  • Offers Spam filter feature
  • 48 hours validation process email support only reserved for lower plans
  • Easy to Navigate user interface
  • Provides No-logs Policy
  • Powered with 20 plus languages
  • Budget-friendly
  • Offers Free Plan



Advantages. Disadvantages 
  • Allow free tier
  • Doesn’t support POP3
  • Several encryption options
  • Less organization and search attributes
  • Safe and secure file storage and calendar
  • Certain plan are little expensive
  • Offers No-logs policy
  • Has a limit on daily messages in the premium edition.
  • Delivers features such as self-destructing emails
  • Time-consuming beta test cycles.
  • Smoothly able to import contacts and emails
  • Ask for personal details for validation.
  • Support of over 20 account languages
  • Struggles with certain email clients.
  • Functions under swiss jurisdiction
  • Sometimes feel laggy user interface
  • Accessible through Mobile App.
  • Enable message expiration feature.
  • Easily accessible through iOS and Android devices


These are some of the major email service providers which offer email without any registration apart from that you can also try out Yandex, tempinbox, mailinator, Mailnesia, and Guerilla Mail.

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