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How To Choose a Payment Gateway in The Travel Industry

How To Choose a Payment Gateway in The Travel Industry?

If you are in the travel business, chances are that you deal with a lot of clients on a daily basis traveling for both business and leisure. However, unless you have an online presence, you won’t be able to benefit from the surge in the number of clients who make their bookings online. Moreover, if your online website doesn’t have an online payments gateway, then you are sure to lose out on a lot of business.

So, unless you want to lose out on business, you need to integrate an online payments gateway with your online website. But, how do you go about choosing one for your travel business? Here’ a quick guide to help you get started. 

Choose a Reliable Service Provider

This goes without saying, before you look for anything else, you need to look for reliability. Always choose a service provider that’s known for their reliability. It’s important because only a reliable partner can ensure maximum uptime, and can handle multiple transactions at the same time without slowing down. Moreover, in case of any issues they can help you get back to business in no time. So, no matter what always choose quality over cheaper deals when it comes to choosing a service provider.

Payment Options

The number of payment options you provide to your customers when they make online bookings through your website can make or break the deal. The modern-day customer likes to have multiple options to pay for online travel bookings. Moreover, not every one has a credit card, so this legacy mode of payment, even though is good to have, wouldn’t suffice when it comes to doing business online. Choose a payment gateway that gives your customers the option to pay via UPI, digital wallets, net banking, debit cards, and even upcoming options such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram payments. The more options they have, the happier they will be when making reservations on your website. 

Accepting International Currency

Being able to accept international currency is almost a pre-requisite if you take online travel bookings and would like to expand the footprint of your business globally. Therefore, choose a service provider that can enable that option for you when you need it. Even though, you may think that you can always do it later as and when you feel the need to; it makes better business sense to be prepared in advance so that you don’t have to go through the tedious process of negotiating the option with the service provider, or look for a new one in case your service provider lacks that option. 

Security and User Experience

A secure service provider that offers maximum safety with a stellar user experience is the one you should opt for. Moreover, it’s imperative that the entire user experience is smooth, right from the moment the customer lands on your online store, to the very moment they complete the booking. This will help you acquire and retain customers, as your customers will appreciate that you value their time and thus, offer a seamless experience that makes the entire process of booking flight tickets, and making hotel reservations all the more convenient. 

Customization Options

If you are thinking of turning your online travel business into a brand that people recognize, then you would need to choose a service provider that offers you customization options. The power to customize the checkout experience with your business’ logo, colors, fonts will result in more brand recall for the customer allowing your business to stand out in the horde of other businesses vying to attract the same customers you are eyeing. 

There a lot of payment gateway companies offering their services to both established and upcoming businesses; however, the success of your online business lies in choosing a payment gateway provider who offers you the maximum value for money. So, take your time thoroughly researching various payment gateway companies, and then choose one that you think is the right fit for your business, both in terms of service, and overall cost.