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Goldbuds: Canada’s Top Edibles Buying Platform

If you are wondering which are the top edibles buying platforms in Canada then this blog is for you. Goldbuds is Canada’s top edibles buying platform and has a wide variety of products that make for a “treat-time” to remember.

Edibles are one of the most popular ways to consume. That’s why it’s no wonder that buying and selling edibles has been a booming business for Canada – with a lot of people looking to make their own edibles, especially when it comes to baking them. Goldbuds is Canada’s top platform for buying and selling infused baked goods, having launched in 2016. This article talks about the benefits of this platform, as well as some information on how they came up with

The Pros and Cons of edibles

Edibles are products that you consume orally and usually in the form of food or beverages. They are typically more potent when compared to smoking and can be used for medicinal purposes. There is a growing market for edibles since they provide a unique experience that involves both the mind and body.

Goldbuds Edibles Review

Goldbuds has been around for over a year, and it sells many products online. Goldbud’s’s social media presence is strong, with over 100k followers on Instagram and Facebook. They also have a blog where they post general updates about their company along with new products and discounts.

Goldbuds is Canada’s top edibles buying platform. It has been in business for over 10 years, and it is Canada’s largest online retailer of marijuana products. Goldbuds sells products from the most popular strains to the newest extracts, oils, concentrates, and tinctures. There are many ways to use the products they offer, but they are primarily focused on medical marijuana patients who need a large amount at once.

My Visit to Goldbuds

I had the opportunity to visit Goldbuds while they were testing their website and ordering process. When I arrived, there was a security guard waiting for me. That’s always a good sign! The first thing I noticed on arrival was the large glass walls that let natural light come into the shop. This helps to bring some life into what would otherwise be an indoor shopping experience. There also was an outdoor patio, which is great for people who live in areas where it is too cold outside.

Tips for Buying Packaged Edibles

People buying edibles should be aware of the risks involved. These products have the potential to harm a person if they are not used properly or if they are ingested with the wrong substances. This is why it is important to buy packaged edibles from a reputable and safe place like Goldbuds and its quality budz and edibles. They sell only high-quality merchandise that has been professionally tested to ensure its safety and effectiveness.


On Goldbuds, you have the chance to buy edibles in Canada before it becomes legal. Created by Canadian entrepreneur and CEO of Moxie, John-Paul Canajoharie, this platform offers the marijuana industry a new way of selling products. It is an online marketplace that has been designed to make buying edibles safer for everyone involved.