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Difference Between Venetian and Vertical Blinds

Difference Between Venetian & Vertical Blinds

Venetian blinds are used in modern architecture in India these days. Different venetian blinds are offered by different brands, but the best quality of venetian blinds. The Blinds provided by us are available in the form of Venetian Blinds that are suitable for those who want to control privacy and light in their space. These blinds have a large collection of colours and textures, providing a number of options to our clients and they can choose as per their choice. These blinds not only look good but also improve the heating and cooling efficiency of any room. Venetian blinds are a stylish choice for any window. They’re great for controlling light and privacy in a room. Venetian blinds can be easily adjusted using a chain or cord to open or close them to the desired position. 

Venetian blinds are modern, easy to maintain and offer a range of privacy options. Blinds can be adjusted to allow as much light in as you want or provide complete privacy at night. Venetian blinds are the perfect solution for a busy household. Venetian blinds are in great demand due to its extensive usage in modern architecture these days. These types of window blinds are available at a variety of rates. The PVC based Venetian Blinds can be purchased for INR 90 to INR 150 Per Square Foot, Plastic Venetian Blinds are available from INR 100 to INR 135 Per Square Foot and Wooden Venetian Blinds at a cost of INR 250 to INR 350 Per Square Foot.

Vertical blinds are incredibly versatile: They’re sleek, simple and offer the perfect window solution. With the ability for full or partial light control, you can make a bold window statement with vertical blinds that seamlessly blend with your décor. Available in a broad range of staggering jacquard weaves, modern colours and exotic suedes, this eclectic mix gives you the opportunity to create an exclusive identity for your windows. 

A great option for hard and smooth surfaces, vertical blinds are simple, streamlined, and easy to use. They can be easily drawn to one side to provide unobstructed views of the outside. You can also control the light level in your room simply by adjusting the angles of the louvres – twist them completely closed for total privacy, or keep them open a little if you’re after a subtle, soft look.

Start the day with a clear view and let light flow through your home by using these beautiful vertical blinds. The rotating louvers, that are connected to an easy and reliable cord system, can be tilted open to offer partial light control and privacy or drawn neatly together to offer unobstructed views. These blinds can also be totally withdrawn and stacked away from the window when not in use. An additional stylish feature of these blinds are the decorative hem bar options which are available in many plain, wood effect or textured finishes. This option adds a unique finishing touch to your blinds.