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Cocaine Addiction: What Makes It One of the Most Dangerous in the World?

People know cocaine is addictive, yet innumerable people try it every day. Whether you use cocaine only once or use it daily, it is regarded as abuse because this is an illegal drug. Moreover, it is unlikely that you use cocaine only once and then forget about it.

This menacing drug won’t let you forget the experience. It is so dangerously addictive that you would get an urge to use it again.

According to a North Dakota drug rehab specialist, “our center receives patients who admit that they just tried cocaine casually in a party and, today, they ended up in a rehab.”

Why is cocaine so addictive?

Cocaine hits the brain and stimulates it to produce a high level of dopamine, a hormone associated with happiness and reward. This gives you a “kick.” It simply feels pleasurable, which is one of the most desirable feelings in the world. That’s why your brain, once having got a “taste” of this drug, wants it again.

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Long-term effects of cocaine

Prolonged use of cocaine produces serious health damage. It strains the heart and can lead to cardiac arrest. This can be fatal.

Long-term drug use can permanently alter the genetic structure of your brain cells, proteins, and nerve cells. It’s not surprising to hear families of addicts remarking that their loved one has changed completely. They are no longer what they used to be.

Alteration of brain cells leads to a drastic change in the behavior, thinking, and overall personality of a person. It appears as if the addict has become another person.

Witnessing your loved one change like this can be painful. Addiction affects not only the addict but also his/her family. Calling a drug addiction hotline is a wise thing to do. At this point in time, your loved one needs professional help.

The hardest part is withdrawal

According to rehab experts, the hardest part is to combat psychological addiction. Patients even become violent when they don’t get the drug. Their brain is so dependent on it that it would make a person do anything to get cocaine.

If a person stops using cocaine cold turkey, the brain would signal the body to produce such terrible symptoms that the person would immediately want the drug.

It’s not wrong to say that cocaine is a malicious drug. It enslaves your brain. It re-programs the brain in such a manner that your brain becomes obsessed with the drug and wants it continuously, no matter what.

This is the most dangerous part.

However, if your will is strong and you wish to free your brain from the malicious clutches of cocaine, search for “drug rehab near me”. Take help.

Speedball – the most dangerous combination of all

Many people use cocaine and heroin together. This is popularly called “speedball.” According to doctors, of all the drug combinations, this is the most dangerous. Others may use cocaine and alcohol together.

All these combinations make cocaine treatment tougher. Now you must fight two addictions. The presence of one addiction can trigger the other.

However, reputable rehab centers are known to treat hardcore addicts with single or multiple addictions. They are known to give people a new life.