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Control Panel

Best Web Hosting Control Panel

A common tool for managing your hosting plan is a control panel. It allows you to manage your bought domain names, install software, establish and maintain email accounts, and upload website files, among other things. You can, of course, perform all of this by logging into the server directly. This, however, necessitates some development experience.


Let us discuss the best control panels considered for web hosting.


Be with us!

ZesleCP Control Panel:

It is the best and fastest control panel. In short, it’s what you need exactly for your connectivity. ZesleCP Control Panel is a full-featured Dedicated Server Control Panel for managing Linux servers. ZesleCP is designed to be a light web hosting control panel, thus it shouldn’t add any more stress to your server. It’s the most secure control panel, as well as being quick, simple to use, and low on resources. ZesleCP comes with all of the functionality you’ll need to administer your hosting server.


This panel is only available for Linux users. One of the most often used control panels. Through WHM, it provides a graphical interface as well as a server administration interface (Web Host Manager). You can administer your website in either of these settings since they function together. As a result, it is ideal for both novices and developers that favor a console over an attractive design.


It’s compatible with both Windows and Linux. It’s also quite popular, particularly among European hosting companies. In general, there aren’t many control panels available for Windows. As a result, Plesk may be regarded as one of the most user-friendly and simple panels for this OS.


All of the options are separated into many groups. On the left, they are shown in the form of a list. Multiple servers may be managed from a single interface.


Hostinger’s staff created this control panel for its customers. It’s compatible with Linux distributions. At the time, CPanel can only be used for shared hosting. CPanel resembles cPanel in appearance, however, it is a more user-friendly version. 

Direct Admin:

It’s ubuntu and BSD. It’s one of the simplest, quickest, and most sturdy panels available. It has a highly user-friendly UI. It’s also one of the most affordable.


All of the options are organized and placed at the top of the page. Multiple access levels are also supported by this control panel: Administrator, User, and Reseller. It also has anti-spam features built-in. Additionally, each resource’s entire utilization data may be viewed.


This web panel is compatible with all Unix operating systems, including but not limited to BSD, Linux, and Solaris. Furthermore, it is only partially part of The windows OS. This implies that while Webmin can be installed on Windows, not all of its features will be available.


Webmin’s design is clear and not particularly user-friendly or straightforward, however, it is highly adaptable. And has an Apache web server, for example, which may be used to customize Apache directives and functionality.

Last Words:

Each of the panels listed above has its unique set of characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages. These web panels, on the other hand, all have one thing in common: they make operating servers and hosting easier and faster. As a result, they are suitable for both novices and developers.