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7 Things Halfway Houses in Vermont Don’t Have, Which Means They Are Good

Finding a sober facility becomes easier when you know what to look out for. But while you must know what to look for, you must also know what should not be there in a facility. These are the red flags to watch out for.

The advantage of knowing about red flags is that, even if a house seems nice and well-maintained, the presence of a single red flag should make you drop it.

For example, a house seems clean, roomy, and peaceful. But when you observe the residents, they seem utterly unhappy and ill-groomed. If they are in recovery, they must display signs of positivity and the urge to groom themselves. They don’t, which means the place is not working for them.

While you search for “halfway houses near me,” don’t forget to consider the below red flags. This will help you know what shouldn’t be in the house.

Red flags to watch out for

The following are the common signs that a facility does not offer a proper living environment to residents. The signs tell that the staff does not care for recovering addicts and is indifferent to their health matters.

1. No formalities

No requirement of admissions and formalities is not a good sign. It shows that just anybody can come and go into the house.

2. No inspections

No regulatory inspection is a red flag. Chances are high that such a facility won’t have a license either. With no inspections, you cannot expect the place to be secure.

3. Dirty space

Dirty space indicates the staff cares little about hygiene and health of members. Such a place is not worth living, leave alone recovery.

4. Free of cost

A halfway house that claims to be absolutely free of cost might sound tempting. But, this should raise your eyebrows because it requires funds to keep a place well-maintained, to have the best therapists, and to provide nutritious meals and recreational facilities for residents.

5. No staff

Little staff or untrained staff is a bad sign. If you find the staff of a house is just a group of people with no particular qualifications, you mustn’t choose to live here. Staff plays a vital role in keeping residents motivated and positive.

6. No curfew

High-quality halfway houses in Vermont have strict rules and curfews. They have zero tolerance towards alcohol an drugs. Round-the-clock sobriety is the norm here. Residents must be in the house before a particular time every evening. No night-outs are allowed. A house without such rules is hardly a place for recovery.

7. No drug tests

No drug tests may sound a relief but is not. Regular screening is a must. Sobriety does not come easy to hardcore addicts. If a house does not realize this, then they are not serious in the business of recovery.

If you find any of the above red flags in a house, please do not choose it. Being in the wrong house can be detrimental to your recovery plans.