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3 Reasons LUCAS-CIDE Salon Spa Sanitizer Is Right for You

Spanning over six decades of continued success since its establishment in 1957, Lucas Products Corporation has worked to perfect its products, tailoring them to meet your needs. The LUCAS-CIDE Salon Spa Sanitizer Disinfectant — the industry’s most powerful germ-killing product available on the market today and just one of Lucas Products many offerings — provides a wide range of benefits to you, your salon, and your valued staff. Exactly how can this product protect you and your salon?

  1. Kills Germs and Protects Clientele

Managing a successful salon is no mean feat but running your business in the midst of a pandemic — with safety and hygiene always a priority — is made that much easier with LUCAS-CIDE salon disinfectant. Approved by the Environmental Protection Agency as a tried and tested means to combat COVID-19, this high-powered germ killer will protect against variants of the virus.

Including its power to kill COVID-19, this US-manufactured sanitizer also protects your prized customers against disease-causing single-cell organisms, including hepatitis-B, hepatitis-C, staph, strep, HIV, and herpes. Use this germ-killing disinfectant to sanitize all surfaces and implements within your salon, including counters, massage tables, showers, brushes, styling tools, nail implements, and more. Choose LUCAS-CIDE salon disinfectant to prevent the spread of contagions and ensure the safety of your clientele.

  1. Long-Lasting and Safe to Use

LUCAS-CIDE salon disinfectant is the industry’s lowest cost-per-use choice, with just one gallon of concentrate providing 256 gallons of disinfectant, making this long-lasting product a valuable and eco-friendly option for your salon. A batch of LUCAS-CIDE, once mixed with water, gives you a full thirty-day window to use on a range of surfaces and implements.

While LUCAS-CIDE certainly packs a punch in its ability to combat germs, it is perfectly safe to use on easily damaged items like makeup brushes, so product degradation isn’t an issue when the solution is mixed properly. As the LUCAS-CIDE concentrate is pH neutral, one gallon of water mixed with .5 ounces of the solution is enough to disinfect these delicate implements, ensuring further safe and hygienic use.

  1. LUCAS-CIDE Safe Space Certification

As well as providing a high-powered product that illustrates your dedication to a hygienic salon environment, Lucas Products also provides salon certification, satisfying your customers about the hygiene of your premises. Get LUCAS-CIDE Safe Space certified by completing a free virtual training course to educate your staff and ensure customers of your salon’s high standards and commitment to safety.

This short and easily accessible course provides everything you need to know about sanitization and disinfection best practices, so you can use your LUCAS-CIDE salon disinfectant to its full potential. After viewing online course materials and passing the subsequent exam, you will be awarded an official certificate to proudly display in your salon. Sign up today to complete the online form and get Safe Space certified while you purchase your LUCAS-CIDE salon disinfectant.

Invest in your salon by choosing LUCAS-CIDE Salon Spa Sanitizer Disinfectant to support your clients and their needs, providing safety and peace of mind when they choose your establishment.