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yoga for nightfall

10 Exercises and Yoga for Nightfall You Should be Doing

Both men and women suffer from nightfall due to various causes. Stress, depression, lack of sleep, and anxiety are the most prominent causes of nightfall. Due to nightfall, human beings do not sleep properly and feel uncomfortable. The excessive discharge provides embarrassment to both men and women. However, many home remedies, yoga, and exercise help to prevent the human body from nightfall. Moreover, to reduce nightfall, you can regularly practice many exercises and yoga. To know more about yoga for nightfall treatment goes with the flow of this article.

Different ways to stop nightfall 

Nightfall destroys the sexual life of couples. Due to nightfall, men do not hold their semen and get an improper discharge at night. However, you can use many home remedies and exercise to overcome this problem. So, if you are looking for how to stop nightfall, let’s check out these.

Proper diet

With a balanced diet, you can reduce nightfall. It helps to lose weight and stress from our body and provides proper blood circulation. Thus men do not get nightfall.


Meditation provides relaxation to our bodies. By decreasing negativity, you can improve your mental state through meditation. It helps to reduce anxiety which leads to stopping nightfall.

Exercise and yoga

Exercise not only reduces weight but also prevents our body from diseases. Likewise, yoga is a perfect way to remove depression and stress from our lives. Therefore people get more relaxation and to avoid nightfall. Follow the ten yoga postures for nightfall below.

Anantasana exercise for nightfall


Ten yoga and exercises for nightfall


However, Padmasana helps prevent all the fatigue and reduces tension from the human body. The posture of this asana is excellent for meditation. The regular use of this asana helps to increase blood flow in the human being. Moreover, Padmasana decreases nightfall by reducing all the stress and restlessness from the human body.


Vajrasana makes our spine and legs stronger. The posture of this asana reduces all the mental stress from our bodies. However, Vajrasana increases calm and relaxation in our bodies. Men can use this asana to stop nightfall. Vajrasana is an excellent yoga for nightfall treatment. This asana provides strength to the pelvic muscles, which leads to reduced nightfall.


Due to excessive working loads, men get stress and tension, which occurs at nightfall. But Padangusthasana helps to reduce stress and fatigue from men’s bodies. By consolidating all the anxiety and depression from the body, it provides good sleep. Therefore men get to relax, and sleep better at night. Besides this, Padangusthasana reduces the joint pains of our body.

Baddha Konasana

Baddha Konasana is a perfect yoga to stop nightfall. It provides strength to our knees, ankle, spine, and hips. The posture of Baddha Konasana helps to digest food properly. Additionally, this yoga decreases stress and anxiety in the human body. It reduces insomnia from the human body. Thus you can use this yoga or exercise to stop nightfall.

Supta Padangusthasana

Supta Padangusthasana decreases all the tiredness from our bodies. The great posture of this asana makes our body relax and stress-free. However, it improves our mental state and provides peace to our minds. Men are advised to use this yoga regularly to decrease nightfall. Moreover, to reduce all the tension in your mind, you can periodically use this yoga.


Men can relax their bodies with Shavasana. Shavasana is known as the perfect exercise for nightfall. The resting posture of Shavasana decreases all the physical and mental stress from our bodies. Moreover, to prevent nightfall, you can use this posture and rest for 20 to 30 minutes to reduce stress from the body. It gives deep sleep and relaxation to the body.


Anantasana is a perfect sleeping posture or yoga for nightfall. However, you need to stretch your arms outside your body and sleep on palm facing for 20 to 30 minutes. This great posture reduces all the anxiety from the human body. It increases the mental health of men. However, it all provides perfect and deep sleep to the human body, which decreases the nightfall of both men and women.

Balavansa Konasana

In this yoga posture, you will get deep relaxation. However, you need to sit straight and stretch your leg in front of your body. Then you need to bend your head and touch the keen with closed eyes. This posture increases relaxation and helps to prevent nightfall. The human body gets perfect peace, relaxation and calm after doing this yoga posture regularly. Besides this, Balavansa Konasana improves the mental state of humans.

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Vipareeta Karani

Vipareeta Karani is a perfect pose that balances our body and mind. However, this yoga provides excellent and deep sleep to humans. You need to sleep on your back and stretch your arms outside at shoulder level. Then you are required to face your palm upward and take deep breaths for 15 to 20 minutes. This posture relaxes your whole body and improves your mood. Thus it is a perfect yoga posture to decrease nightfall due to anxiety.


Sarvangasana increases blood circulation in the human body. Moreover, this yoga posture helps decrease all the tension in our minds. By increasing blood flow, it reduces sexual disorders in men. This is also the best yoga to stop nightfall.

Bottom line

Finally, if you need good and comfortable sleep, you must follow the above exercise. However, the regular use of these yoga postures improves your body and mind state. You will stop nightfall with the help of yoga and enjoy your sexual life.