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nude eye makeup

What Kind Of Brush To Use For Nude Eye Makeup

With a good makeup brush, every woman can be an artist. – KAREN OTIS OFFICIAL.

Every magic requires wands that can carry it out effortlessly. The same goes with nude eye makeup; you need to choose the perfect makeup brushes to dress up your eyelids, crease, and brow bone area. 

Not all brushes are perfect for all areas of the eyes; each has its own use. For example, a blending brush is used to seamlessly create transitions between different nude eye shadow shades, while a crease line brush adds more depth to eye makeup.

Whether you are a makeup artist or just want to purchase nude eye makeup brushes for personal use, you should read this post to learn about each type of brush and its uses to create a perfect and appealing look.

Once you get hands-on using the different brushes, you can easily create the look you want. Choosing the right brushes available in the market is complex if you don’t know about the different types of brushes. To play with these magic makeup wands, here are the seven best eye brushes you need to carry in your cosmetic kit for an accentuated look.   

7 Best Nude Eye Makeup brushes you should consider

Contour brush

A contour brush is an ideal choice to create vibrant and tempting nude eye makeup. It is a large, artistry, flat-structured, angled edge brush with densely packed bristles. With the brush, you can effortlessly sculpt the edges of your eyes along the socket line.

While applying the shadow, the bristles of this brush hug your brow bone contour and add definition to your face. It is also helpful in diffusing nude eye shadow in an outer V-shape as it has fluffy and dense bristles.

Pencil brush

A pencil brush is a dense, tapered, and stiff brush. It is an essential tool to draw precise lines, and smudge and soften the outlines. It helps precisely push nude eyeshadow into your lash line.

If you want to create a hazy or smoky eye look, you should consider this brush. It works like a pencil to add sharp details to your eyes. 

Fluffy blending brush

A fluffy blending brush has round, tapered, and lose bristles to create a seamless, natural gradient. This brush has soft and weightless bristles that make it a perfect choice for a dramatic and smokey eye look. It helps blur the imperfection and applies more concentrated colors to the crease.

It incredibly blends the colors and gives you a natural finish when applied after eyeliner application. This brush will effortlessly bring more focus to your eyes and make them more noticeable.

Blending brush

Blending is an essential part of nude eye makeup for a seamless transition between shades. The blending brush has fluffy, tapered, and soft bristles that help you easily blend the shades for a sheer and diffused finish.

Like a windshield-wiper motion, use the blending brush into the crease and swirl it around the eye edges. It will help you match and mix different shades to get a perfect makeup look.

Script liner brush

Script liner brushes are extremely helpful to play the creativity on your eyes. It has long, pointed and narrow bristles that can hold more color and let you smoothly create lines and other delicate patterns. It will help you create artistic strokes without reloading the brush again with the shade.

 Concealer brush

The concealer brush is used to cover up the bright red blemishes and apply concealer to the eyes. It is a perfect brush for hard-reach areas, giving you a realistic and even finish. Just dab the brush into the concealer and pat it on zits and under the eyes. Also, it helps in sharpening and buffing away messy eye makeup.

Smudge brush

A smudge brush has dense, short, and packed bristles used to create a perfect smudge effect. It allows you to smudge out pigmentation from the lower and upper lash line as it has wider and flatter bristles.

You can use it to diffuse and set eyeliner and create a smokey line along the lash line. It also helps you layer texture so that a smoky eye doesn’t look one-dimensional. You can also efficiently blend different nude eye shadow shades with this brush.


Perfect eye makeup requires you to use the right brush to spread the magic of nude eyeshadow. Above are the seven best nude eye makeup brushes, which will help you create a splendid and classy look. Along with brushes, focus on investing in the right nude eyeshadow palette. Visit Nude Envie; they have a wide range of earthy and warm collections of nude eyeshadow shades that will help you create an even and more beautiful look. Explore their entire range and dress up your eyes with their incredible nude eye shadows.