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Why nightfall Happens and how it can be cured?

Nightfall is a problem in which a man ejaculates during sleeping. It is more of a psychological problem than a sexual problem. This problem is also commonly known as nocturnal emission; as people, i.e both males and females experience spontaneous missions during their sleep. A lot of people experience nightfall happens, especially during their adolescent years. if you’re pissed of with your issue and looking for treatment of it. Then, a highly experienced sexologist in Delhi is providing online and offline consultation at affordable cost & if you visit to the clinic, surely you will be helped out with available treatment options for curing your problems.

Why nightfall Happens and how it can be cured

Mostly the problem of nightfall is seen in people who have hormone fluctuations, or they excessively masturbate, or can also be an outcome of thinning of semen in men. Also, there are a lot of common symptoms which can show up; if a man experiences nightfall every night. The symptoms such as erectile dysfunction, pain in the knees, insomnia, infertility etc. are a few common symptoms; of a man going through the problem of nightfall. So, if you want to know all about the causes and nightfall treatment; read down the article till the end.

Why nightfall happens

Nightfall is a very common problem; through which all the men of the world have at least gone through ones. Also, most of the men have had this experience while they were juveniles.

Getting sexually aroused during sleep; is one of the most common problems which causes the problem of nightfall happens. Also, this is very common with people who have been sexually inactive and have not masturbated for very long. As everybody grows sperms, they need to be timely taken out too. So, if the sperms are not taken out of they generally naturally come out due to unintentional emission.

Also, studies show that people who are addicted to sexual activity and porn a lot; are the ones who have this problem more. Thus, thinking about these things can subconsciously make you dream about them more. And make you feel pleasurable during your sleep; which can in all-cause the problem of ejaculation.

Sometimes even a clear pre-cum can be seen, which is not seen; but can also be able to make a woman pregnant. Spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, diabetes and brain tumours can be some other causes of nightfall.

Also, this problem is much more common in some parts of the world than in others; like in America, almost 87 per cent of men go through nightfall at least once. On the other hand in Indonesia, 97 per cent of men who; were younger than 24 have experienced nightfall at least once.

How Frequently is it fine to get Nightfall

Both the sexes, that is men and women have around 8 per cent of their daily dreams; which are related to sexually related behaviour. And however, around 4 per cent of them experience orgasms during sleep.

Also, the frequency of the nightfall happens totally depends on person to person; as some men say they have more frequent nightfall if they are not involved in masturbation and sexual activities for 2 weeks.

However, the researchers say that the problem of nightfall generally decreases with marriage and age. And is much more common in men in their puberty ages. Also, a few of man which is about 13 per cent of men, have their first emission through nightfall. And is generally in those who do not have masturbated and are involved in any sexual activity.

Cure for Nightfall or Lucid dreams

If you experience the problem of nightfall happens once in a while; by having a sensuous or sexual dream. hen there is nothing to worry about as it happens to everyone sometimes. But however, if you have the problem of Nightfall happening often; then the best way to control it is. By taking some oral drugs such as SSRI’s by consulting a doctor.

Also, there are some things that the patient can do at home. Although there is no scientific proof to it; but it is still helpful. Doing pelvic floor and kegel exercises can help you. Also, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can do wonders. One should also avoid taking tea and coffee just before sleeping. As it can hinder your sleeping patterns. Also, one can try taking a bath before sleeping, to help them sleep better. Some of the other things which can help in nightfall are as follows-

  1. Honey
  2. Yoghurt
  3. Bottle guard
  4. Onion
  5. Dana Methi or Fenugreek seeds.

Some of the Myths about the Nightfall happens problems-

A lot of people around the world believe that the problem of nightfall; is due to some sexual illness or a physical issue. But these problems are completely false and is the main issue that does not let women and men talk to their counsellors. Also, some of the other myths which can keep you away from consulting a doctor are as follows-

  1. The problem of nightfall is only in men.
  2. Doctor’s have no solution or medications for nightfall issues.
  3. Nightfall is the reason causing infertility in men or lower sperm count in them.
  4. If you go through the problem of nightfall happens often; then it is a symptom of Erectile dysfunction in men.
  5. People who are addicted to porn are the only ones who suffer from the problem of nightfall happens.

Treatment to the Problem of Nightfall happens-

Although nightfall happens is a very common and natural phenomenon in men and women; and there is nothing to worry about it. But if it causes some health problems in you, then you should definitely consult them with doctors. Pain, unusual smell, and blood in semen are some of the unusual and uncommon symptoms which you should consult a doctor immediately.

Take Away

People go through a lot of sexual and intimate problems, in their life. Also, the problem is increasing over the years as we are not following a healthy lifestyle. But most men and women are very conscious of seeing a doctor and finding an effective solution for them.

So, if you are one of them, who have been suffering from the problem of nightfall happens; or any other intimate problem and are looking for a permanent solution to it. Then you should book an appointment with IASH India. As they have some of the most experienced and educated teams of sexologists. If you need any other information regarding them, you can check it out on ” IASH India“.