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Best De Addiction Centre in Pune

How De-addiction Centres Treat Their Patients?

What is the definition of drug addiction?

Drug addiction (also known as drug use disorder) is a progressive condition in which people lose control over their use of a substance even though the consequences of that usage are getting worse.

Addictions aren’t a matter of morality or willpower. Even if they wanted to, those who are addicted to narcotics are unable to do so. The medications alter the brain in such a manner that stopping is both physically and intellectually challenging. Addiction treatment at Best De Addiction Centre in Pune sometimes involves lifetime care and counseling.

Why do persons with substance abuse problems require increasing amounts of substances over time?

After consuming drugs, many experience euphoria. Drugs have an effect on the brain over time. The brain grows desensitized to the medication, requiring more of it to achieve the same effect.

Drugs begin to take over a person’s life as they use more. Other parts of life may be neglected. Many people put their social, personal, and work obligations on hold.If the individual with SUD is not under the effect of the drug, he or she begins to feel as ifsomething is amiss. They could become fixated on recapturing that initial thrill.

What effects may a drug use problem have on me?

Drugs affect the brain, particularly the “reward center.”Humans have an innate need to seek out benefits. Healthy habits are frequently the source of these incentives. Your body releases a neurotransmitter called dopamine, which makes you feel good when you spend time with a loved one or eat a beautiful meal. It turns into a destructive spiral: you seek out these activities since they bring you happiness.

Drugs also cause enormous dopamine spikes in the brain. However, instead of motivating you to do the things you need to survive, high amounts of dopamine can cause harmful alterations in your thoughts, feelings, and behavior.

This can lead to an unhealthy desire to seek pleasure from drugs rather than more healthful pleasures. The loop focuses on obtaining and using drugs in order to get that pleasurable sensation.

De-Addiction Centre in Pune alters the brain over time. It has an impact on how the brain functions and even the structure of the brain. As a result, medical professionals consider drug use disorder to be a brain illness.

Who is at risk of developing a drug abuse problem?

Substance abuse may strike anyone at any time. No one factor can indicate whether or not a person would develop an addiction. You might be more prone to drug usage as a result of:


A person’s genetic composition, gender, ethnicity, and mental health difficulties may all contribute to an increased risk of addiction. Substance abuse disorders are more common in certain ethnic groups.


Your surroundings can have an impact on your chances of developing a substance use disorder. Stress, peer pressure, physical or sexual abuse, and early drug use, for example, can all increase the risk.


Teenagers who begin using drugs are especially vulnerable. The regions of the brain responsible for judgment, decision-making, and self-control are not completely matured. Drugs can cause alterations in the neurodevelopment that increase the risk of addiction.