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How can you save money and be on the profitable side as a motorist?

You may be a motorist and find it challenging to meet your ends. Many people overspend on Christmas an hour left with nothing in the New Year. As a motorist, you have to take care of many things in order to be light in your pocket.

January is the time when everybody is rejuvenated and has celebrated their festivals and holidays. Do not let that time become sad for you because of money.

You can save a lot of money on different things. You just have to be considerate and look around you.

Making money while taking care of your car

There are many effective ways that will help you to save hundreds of pounds. Also, you can cut down on your motoring costs and get new ideas.

Many people borrow loans for unemployed with bad credit and no guarantor to get their car serviced. Once it is done, look for some hacks that will help you maintain it for the longer term.

Money-saving tips

  1. Always invest in high-quality tires

Always buy good quality things. Do not compromise on the quality. If you buy cheap quality tires, you will definitely save money. But in the long run, you have to get them replaced. Always invest in good quality tires to save money in future.

Do not be of a short-term approach. Instead, think of the long-term approach and save money. You can buy a good quality tire that indicates its efficiency. You can make a market research survey in order to get to know the right tire.

There are some tires that have ratings on them. Select the best rating one. They may be expensive, but they will definitely save money for you in the long run.

  1. While starting your car, avoid using the accelerator

You can save money by not pressing the regulator whenever you are starting the engine. These days, cars regulate the starting procedure; hence there is no need to press the accelerator. Pressing the accelerator every time will have more usage of fuel.

Hence, you can save by not pressing the accelerator while starting. You can buy a new car by borrowing 1000 guaranteed loans from a direct lender. A new car may be expensive today but will save you money in the long run.

  1. Do not be harsh on your car in cold conditions

If the weather is cold outside, and you are pushing your car to heart, you are wasting the fuel. Cars become less efficient in the cold weather. You have to take care of this fact. As compared to the Past, modern cars do not need to warm up their engine anymore.

They can start without warming it up. Instead of this, you can think of investing in heated seats. The seats will help you to stay warm inside the car.

Also, it’s a long-term investment that has significant benefits. Be gentle with your car in colder conditions. Be aware of the dos and don’ts for your car in all weather conditions.

  1. Make use of the cashback available on fuel

Whenever you are getting fuel done in your car, always look out for cash back options. Pharmaceutical company are many cashback card options that you can opt for. For example, American Express and Tesco offer good cashback facilities with their cards.

The minimum amount of cashback that you get is 5%. For example, if you spend £700 on fuel every year, if you get a 5% cashback, you can receive around £30 per year.

Make a reasonable calculation of your cashback and always follow it every time you get your fuel done.

  1. Avoid buying the premium fuel

According to organizations, it is observed that many of the motorists waste around $2 billion on premium fuel or diesel. You do not need to pay extra money for the premium fuel. Unless you drive a Ferrari, you do not need to go for it.

There is no significant difference between the premium fuel and the normal one. Hence, stick to the normal fuel and save money for yourself.

  1. Keep your tires inflated at the recommended pressure

Whenever you buy tires, always ensure that they are inflated to the recommended pressure. If your tires get deflated or are underinflated, it can cost you a good amount in your pocket. Tires being underinflated have reduced efficiency.

They can also reduce your cars MPG figure. Furthermore this cost extra every year. Get your tire pressure checked regularly at a fuel station near you. You can also get it checked from a garage.

If you do not get time to get it checked through stations, you can also buy your own electric checker or a pump for your tires. But it is essential to take care of the tires and keep them under the advised pressure.

With the recommended pressure, there is an increase in the mileage of your car that makes you spend less money on it every year.

  1. Find a cheaper fuel station near you

These days technology has brought everything closer, and you can access anything at any time. With the help of the internet, you can hunt down a cheaper fuel station and take your car there.

You may not be aware of this cheaper fuel Station nearby your place. If you go to the station, you can save some money on every litre of fuel. If you look at the bigger picture, you can save a large amount of money towards the end of the year.

For example, if you are getting a 65 L car at £1.31 per litre as opposed to 1.34 per litre, it may result in a saving of £2 per fill-up. Saving this much amount every month can lead to a savings of £48 over a year. Hence, always look for cheaper options and make use of them.


Many of the motorists do not know the hacks and spend much money. By following the above-mentioned hacks, you can save a good amount of money and be financially stable.