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Everything you Should Know About Importing Used Cars from Japan to Kenya

Given a choice to buy any used cars, most people in Kenya opt to choose a Japanese used car. They choose to import used cars from Japan to Kenya is not very surprising.

The Japanese cars are safe, reliable, trustworthy, have good fuel economy, and have all the latest technological features that make driving those cars a pleasurable experience.

When you buy the cars from reputed sellers like Bizupon, you can be guaranteed that you will get the cars at affordable rates and in the best condition possible. You also get to choose from a wide range of options that suit the best as per your needs.

When you plan to import cars from Japan to Kenya, there are certain things that you must know for best results. Today, we will list all the factors you must consider when you’re planning to import Japanese cars to Kenya.

What are the basic rules for importing cars to Kenya?

The government sector that handles the used car imports in Kenya is very strict, and certain rules must be followed at all costs. Both government authorities, the Kenya Bureau of Standard and the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), have created the import law, which is considered a top priority. The rules laid by these authorities are as follows: –

  • The cars should always enter the country from the Mombasa port.
  • Cars below 1500cc should not be older than eight years from the year of manufacture.
  • Cars above 1500cc should not be older than five years from the year of manufacture.
  • Only right-hand-drive cars must be imported into Kenya. However, there are exceptions such as ambulances, fire vehicles, etc.
  • The vehicle must be registered within one year of manufacture. For example, if the car was manufactured in 2017, it should be registered by 2018.
  • The car should be road-worthy, should be usable, and it should factor environmental consideration.
  • Before the vehicle leaves Japan shores, it should be thoroughly inspected by the Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Center (JEVIC).
  • You must hire a professional car dealer who will ensure all the paperwork from KRA is proper. They should also handle the customs and clearance paperwork on your behalf.

These are some basic rules that should be followed by a buyer when they are importing used Japanese cars to Kenya.

How does Will It take for The Car to Reach Kenya?

It is an exciting process to import used cars from Japan to Kenya. However, you should know how much time it will take for the car to reach the Mombasa port. Shipment from Japan can get delayed due to several reasons. These include weather changes and economic affairs.

Since many factors need to be considered, there can never be a straight answer as to how long it will take for the car to reach the Mombasa port if you hire the experts from Bizpon, you need not worry as they will handle all the paperwork and keep you updated on the status.

The process which consumes the most time is selecting the car from an auction or an e-commerce website, arranging the shipment, and waiting for the shipment to arrive. Once it reaches the port, the paperwork is completed quickly, and you can quickly get it delivered.

How Much Does It Cost to Import Used Cars?

The price of importing the cars also depends on several factors. However, you get a rough idea by calculating the automobile price, shipment charges, and customs duty. Mentioned below are some fees charged by the KRA to import cars: –

  • You need to pay around 25% of the retail price to the KRA as import duty.
  • Around 2% as CIF amount as Import Declaration Fee (IDF).
  • Excise duty takes up to 25% to 30%. These include the customs value and the import duty.
  • Value Added Tax amounts for around 16%. These include the CIF amount with the import duty and excise duty.

These were the charges levied by the Kenyan government when it came to importing used cars from Japan to Kenya.


This was a detailed guide on everything you should know about importing Japanese cars to Kenya. If you need to know more about importing cars to Kenya, you can always contact the professionals from Bizupon, who will guide you through the process.