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Oppo Mobile Phone

Enjoy Your Selfie Picture With Oppo Mobile Phone

Clicking pictures with your smartphone is in vogue these days. Very few people nowadays, apart from the professionals, carry a whole separate camera setup to click stunning photographs. Mobile cameras are getting advanced with upgraded features, better camera quality, and a lot more.

If you have a OnePlus mobile phone, you can click superb pictures because OnePlus has used the best technologies to make the camera performance stand out from the crowd. In fact, the OnePlus mobile phone is considered the best camera mobile in the market as of now.

However, in this article, we will discuss how you can enhance the quality of your pictures with your existing Oppo mobile phone. We will consider the exemplary performance of the Oppo R15 Pro camera performance and compare it with the best camera mobile of the Amazing OnePlus Mobile Phone. Yes, this post is going to be interesting… So hang on there!


  • The front camera of the Oppo R15 Pro is wider than normal owing to which the selfies turn out pitch-perfect because you don’t have to hold the camera far away from your face. Once the camera detects your face, the camera will auto-snap your picture. This feature is unique for Oppo R15 Pro; you won’t get it on the OnePlus mobile phone. Hence, considering this feature, we can say Oppo R15 Pro is the best camera mobile. The 20 MP rear and front cameras help you click top-quality pictures with buttery smooth clarity. Pressing the camera button on the screen is now an easy thing.
  • AI scene recognition in the rear camera of the Oppo phone can adjust automatically to 120 different scenes. It alters itself to click the best photographs with proper lighting, contrast, saturation, depth, exposure, etc. For instance, you can click HDRish landscapes, sharp images of food, your pets, and more.


Overall, this feature adds to the dramatic touch in all the pictures. If you compare this feature with the OnePlus mobile phone, it becomes massively challenging to decide which one is the best, the OnePlus mobile phone camera or the Oppo R15 Pro camera. According to us, this feature makes Oppo R15 Pro the best camera mobile with DSLR-like attributes.

  • The stickers and filters will add magic to your selfies, and you can enjoy clicking fun selfies with your Oppo R15 Pro. So, for people who love to click pictures of their day-to-day lives and post them on Instagram or Facebook, this phone will do the bit for them. The cute face filters and quirky stickers make selfie clicking a fun activity. Choose from a galore of selfies stickers and face filters. The OnePlus mobile phone might have some filters. But about the quirky sticker part, well, we guess Oppo R15 Pro has a better selection.


  • The AI beauty technology is yet another plus for the Oppo R15Pro phone. The AI technology understands where the improvements are needed, and on detecting your face, it automatically improves your skin tone, blemishes, adjusts the clarity, picture contrast, etc., to snap the perfect selfie you have looking for to post on your social media sites.


In this context, it can be said that the Best Camera Mobile Phone from OnePlus also has this feature. The built-in editor helps you edit pictures according to your will. Plus, there are so many filters. In fact, with the OnePlus mobile phone, you can snap photos having the sober airbrushed look that adds a hint of sophisticated allure to your photos. You can do all of it with your Oppo phone without using any additional editing software.

For the best camera mobile, you can invest in Oppo R15 Pro or any OnePlus mobile phone with the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network card to indulge in the no-cost EMI scheme and other added benefits.