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Best OKR platforms of 2022

The covid pandemic has given a significant boost to digitization in each and every industry. With a home office and remote work being the new norm, it became more than necessary for the teams to 

  • Have clarity about their goals (focus)

  • Sail in the common direction (alignment)

  • Uphold an overview (transparency)

It is an OKR platform that addresses all the pain points plus ticks all the boxes of requirements when there was a lookout for an ideal tool that guards the functioning of an organization against getting disrupted by non-ending lockdowns. This was quite clear due to the huge demand for OKR platforms ever since 2020. With the emergence of different options, it got quite hard to hunt for the best OKR platforms for one’s organization. 

OKR platform is a tool used to set, share and track goals and results for the organization – by setting Objectives and Key Results. It provides the organization with a centralized platform for regulating progress, obstacles, and completion so that leaders can gauge productivity and see if the teams are working on what matters the most. 

An OKR platform is one of the best investments an organization can make to increase its productivity and achieve organizational goals efficiently. So, we have listed some of the most renowned and widely used OKR platforms. Following are the best OKR platforms for 2022:

1) JOP

As the name suggests, JOP (Joy of performing) is known to be one of the most flexible OKR platforms available in the market. As the name suggests, it indeed promotes a joyful organizational culture for the employees. Being one of the best OKR platforms, it is known for serving as the one-stop growth platform for employee engagement and continuous performance management, it makes achieving objectives as joyful as it can get. Apart from its customizability, JOP stands out for its modern and intuitive design. Its ability to boost agile performance remains to be unmatched. It helps the organization to align the objectives, take focused action and give real-time feedback. JOP is not just an OKR platform, but a performance management platform that pushes the organization towards the success it deserves. 

2) Profit 

An OKR platform that offers the organization a medium for both goal and project management. Having a bit complex user interface, the employees might take a certain amount of time to get used to this OKR platform. However, the numerous tabs on this platform act as a door to numerous setting options that can be used to customize the OKRs for your organization. Profit consists of a library of KPIs that can be added to the OKRs and integrated into other tools such as Hubspot and Google sheets. One of the best features of this OKR platform is that it gives the organization the ability to award the employees within the software itself. It offers good support to work collaboratively, provides templates for OKRs, and also serves as a great project management tool. 

3) Perdoo

 A German company that specializes in OKRs, Perdoo offers an OKR platform along with offering OKR coaching. Having a very sleek and simple user interface, it’s renowned for its lightweight design. One of its core features is the roadmap through which organizational goals and team objectives can be viewed over several periods. Moreover, it has integrations with Slack, Jira, Google Sheets, and MS teams. It offers a free starter plan for up to 10 users. It describes itself as one product offering three solutions – putting OKRs into context, staying on top of the execution, and finding success faster by developing a winning approach. Through Perdoo, an organization can connect OKR to KPIs, strategy, and growth. Combining all of them can help the organization to propel its growth. 

4) Mirro

Mirro is an OKR platform company that is based in Romania. In addition to being a tool for OKRs, it offers solutions for employee recognition and human resources solutions. The thing that makes it stand out is that it provides the basic function for HR, such as planning vacations. This feature makes it attractive to the organization that wants to have such additional features along with an OKR platform. Mirro serves all the purposes that one expects an OKR platform to do – aligning teams with OKRs, engaging the employees, establishing a feedback culture, fostering recognition, regulating results, and doing 1:1 check-ins. Its state-of-the-art technology helps the organization encrypt the team’s data and keep everything private. 

The above-described list of the best OKR platforms will help you to hand-pick the most suitable OKR platform for your organization. It is recommended to schedule a short demo with the mentioned companies as it will help you uncover even more features. It will also help you to get your questions addressed that you may have in real-time. Make sure you don’t leave it too late, as you’ll be at the risk of being left behind by your competitors otherwise.