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beaches in bangkok

7 Most Relexing Beaches in Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the fascinating tourist destinations around the world. The essential things that make it more intriguing are the beaches of Bangkok. You cannot find any other such beaches in the world like those in Bangkok. The beaches of Bangkok have a bucket full of things to offer you. You can enjoy the beautiful white sand, ocean, and mesmerizing sunset. You can also explore the Thai culture, beach nightlife, and delicious Thai seafood. Without the beaches, any of the Bangkok Pattaya tour packages are incomplete. To make it complete, you must add the famous Bangkok beaches. So, let us explore the most relaxing beaches in Bangkok that can become the memorable part of your Bangkok Pattaya tour packages.

Koh Samet Beach

koh samet beach in bangkok

Koh Samet is a northern Thai island that is one of the most common places or the favorite place for visitors. You can call it either Koh Samet or Ko Samed. To reach this place, you need to come 6.6 km inwards from the eastern Gulf Coast of Thailand. This is a perfect place to enjoy your weekends and for some time relaxing. Mostly the hardworking folks of Bangkok prefer to visit this place in their holidays. It is also part of a national Park in Bangkok known as Khao Laem Ya-Ko Samet National Park. The stunning white sand and the clear water with green forests nearby make this place a proper relaxation center.

Pranburi Beach

Pranburi beach in bangok

If you want to spend a lovely weekend in Pranburi, Hua Hin will be the nearest place to reach here. It is just 30 kilometers from Pranburi and will take around an hour or two to get to this paradise cum beach. This beach is majorly famous for the different kinds of adventurous activities it offers and for enjoying Thai culture. This beach is enclosed by a national park where you will get the perfect sense of privacy. The Forest Park near Pranburi is a major attraction that attracts many tourists. This forest is spread in an area enclosing a 1 km pine-fringed beach.

Hua Hin Beach

hua hin beach in bangkok

In the list of beautiful beaches in Bangkok, the next name is Hua Hin which is the closest beach to Pranburi. You will find this beach at the eastern edge of the city, which will offer you a fantastic ocean view. You can enjoy romantic strolling, exercises, and playing in the sand. It will just take three hours to reach Hua Hin from Bangkok. This beach is famous for the best golf courses, and the players also come to the beach to relax. Kaeng Krachan National Park is the nearest national park to this beach where tourists can experience proper wildlife. They can also enjoy rafting in the Phetchaburi River. You can seek blessings from the nearby Wat Ampharan temple and explore the night market in Hua Hin.

Cha-am Beach

cha-am beach in bangkok

Cha-am is not only the favorite vacation spot for the locals but also for the international tourist. It is slowly converting into one of the busiest beaches in Bangkok. This beach is located on the Gulf of Thailand in Petchaburi province. This beach is nearest to the Hua Hin beach and also from Bangkok. The atmosphere around this beach is very peaceful and relaxing. Near the beach region, the place is urbanized with all the standard resorts, lounges, guesthouses, and hotels. But since it is a quiet place, people prefer to visit here to enjoy the hassle-free life of the city center. Another best thing is that, while arriving at Cha-am by bus, car, or cab, you won’t encounter any traffic so that you can drive trouble-free.

Pattaya Beach

Pattaya Beach

Pattaya is the most opted and the nearest beach to Bangkok, located in the south of Bangkok. If you want to enjoy the beauty of sand, sunset, and the ocean, Pattaya is the only place for you. The coast of Pattaya has many stalls and shops along with resorts and the sun-drenched life to offer. You can enjoy the beach life during the day and enjoy shopping and Thai life during the night. Pattaya has many things to offer its visitors, which is why every kind of visitor, be it international, domestic, business, or leisure, etc., opt for this place as a vacation spot.

Bang Saen Beach

Bang saen beach

Bang Saen Beach is located in Chonburi province and is the sister beach of Pattaya since both are in the same province. Its distance from Bangkok is 85 km. You can opt for a great day trip to the beach from Bangkok. This beach is far away from the touch of the urbanized lands so that you can experience the real natural beauty over here. If you are a peace lover and looking for a beach with a unique calm environment, then Bang Saen will be a perfect choice. It is also ideal for family vacations and relaxing weekends.

Koh Chang Beach

koh chang beach

The last beach in the list of seven most lovely beaches in Bangkok is Koh Chang, famous for its white sandy beaches, jungles, and crystal clear water stream. This beach offers several sports and adventurous activities to tourists and visitors who arrive here. You get a wide range of options such as Kayaking, diving, fishing, etc., on the beach. This is also a perfect place for the vacation and enjoying the weekend holidays with friends and family. The place is highly changed after the tourism increased over here, but still, you can enjoy the same peaceful days over here.

Moreover, you can take boat rental mount dora here to enjoy boating. There is also facility of lunch and dinner on the boat. Make your evening more romantic and memorable with your loved one.

Therefore, the beaches of Bangkok are famous worldwide, and you cannot miss any of those for the relaxing and peaceful environment that they offer. But still, your itinerary must be a packed one, so you can opt for any of the few beaches listed over here. So, pack your bags with all the necessary things such as sunscreen, swimsuits, etc., that you might need on the beach. Also, make sure that you enjoy all the activities offered on the beach.