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7 Tips To Find The Best Heart Specialist In Dubai, UAE?

Across the world, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to monopolise the attention of nations, healthcare organisations, and people in general. There is a strong reason for this disproportionate level of concern since, with each passing day, the virus draws closer to claiming 6 million lives globally. During this time, COVID has perhaps overshadowed what remains the major cause of death and disability worldwide – heart disease. According to the WHO, cardiovascular disease (CVD) claims an estimated 18·6 million lives every year. In fact, recent research shows that deaths and disparities due to CVD increased in 2020 during the pandemic. However, a silver lining stemming from the pandemic has been the rising adoption of digital health. Advances in internet access, telemedicine, and artificial intelligence-enabled devices, serves to improve access to care for millions of people at risk of or living with CVD. Now, more than ever, it is easier to find the right expertise suited for your care anywhere in the world. 

Here are 7 tips for finding the best heart specialist in Dubai, UAE.

A Brief on Cardiology

Heart specialists or cardiologists specialise in preventing cardiovascular system diseases, diagnosing them, and treating them. 

Cardiologists specialise in diagnosing and treating illnesses pertaining to your heart and blood vessels, including heart attacks, irregular heartbeats, palpitations, high blood pressure, fatigue, and valve issues. The specialists in this field can diagnose these conditions and develop a treatment plan to meet your individual needs. The following are some reasons you may need to see a cardiac specialist:

  • The presence of cardiovascular disease
  • Handling high-risk patients
  • urgical procedures
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Diagnostic screenings

There may be many possible factors involved in selecting a heart specialist in Dubai, but first, you should ascertain your needs and expectations.. The key to your long-term health is seeing a cardiologist who understands and evaluates your medical history, no matter how many qualified specialists are available.

Finding the Best Cardiologist in Dubai

Here are practical tips on how to find the best heart specialist in Dubai for you, whether you are seeking advice or scheduling your first consultation:

Ask Your Primary Care Physician

Your primary care physician has probably interacted with many cardiologists and would know who specializes in what. In a city such as Dubai, with a large number of specialists to choose from, your primary care physician – who knows you and your health very well – can help refer you to the best person for your care.

Easy Access

Choosing a cardiologist who is easily accessible is ideal if you have a cardiovascular condition that requires regular visits. You should find a specialist in your local area within reach of you, whose clinic or hospital is convenient to you. Furthermore, finding a qualified physician who is easily reachable during times of emergency should be a priority.


A cardiologist is an expert in the blood vessels and cardiovascular system and has extensive education and experience in these streams. It would help if you took the time to verify a cardiologist’s credentials to ensure that they are well-qualified in this field. Check for specific degrees such as MBBS, MD, MS, Ph.D., specialising in cardiology, interventional cardiology, or cardiovascular surgery. Also, keep an eye out for fellowships that they have achieved and the universities that awarded them. Acronyms such as FACC (Fellow of the American College of Cardiology) and FRCP (Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians) are some examples of prominent fellowships.


Choosing a cardiologist in Dubai who caters to your specific condition is vital after verifying their qualifications. Cardiologists may work at a clinic or hospital, but they each have different areas of expertise, so you should choose one that meets your needs. In addition to performing physical examinations, taking medical histories, prescribing medications, and performing diagnostic tests, they must also interpret the results of these tests.

Gender-related considerations

For many people, gender plays a role in establishing comfort while discussing personal information. Furthermore, with advances in specialised care, it is now possible to access specialists and specialised centres with experience and expertise related to your gender and the associated risk factors and medical conditions. For instance, there are centres that specialise in cardiovascular care for women.


Relationships between doctors and patients are crucial for their well-being. Communicating effectively and developing trust are essential factors. You can better comprehend what you are experiencing and improve your situation when there is a proper conversation. In addition, it involves answering both your questions and queries to your satisfaction. If you intend to continue seeing the cardiologist, discuss your circumstances openly with him/her. 

Inventive ideas

Medicinal science, especially cardiology, is a rapidly evolving field. The best way to ensure you receive high-quality care and treatment is to consult a cardiologist who keeps abreast of new scientific discoveries. Before choosing a cardiologist, please do your research and consider their previous experience. Cardiologists must always put their best foot forward, even if the circumstances are unfamiliar.

 It is essential to consider these aspects when selecting a heart specialist in Dubai. In addition to improving the health of your heart, you will be able to continue to receive the best medical care possible.