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How To Choose The Best Kurti For Your Next Party?

Who doesn’t want to look bold? Of course, everyone. Then, why not shake your next party with a fashionable Kurti! Wearing Kurti is nothing new, but it’s still in trend due to its aesthetic designs and pretty patterns. Whether casual party or official dinner, Kurtis is your multipurpose partner.    

But when it comes to choosing a Kurti, many girls confuse where to buy Kurtis online for cheap. This is a common problem as the online market is full of fascinating Kurtis that will catch your eyes but may not suit your wallet. Don’t worry!

Here we will take a look at choosing the best Kurti for your next party and where to buy Kurtis online for cheap. So, keep your eyes on this post.   

How To Choose The Best Kurti?

Kurti is not only a dress; it’s a comfortable and fashionable style statement of women. You can choose whether to adorn it for fashion or tradition or just for daily wear. With that many purposes, choosing the best Kurti becomes more crucial.

Here, you will learn to choose the best Kurti that complements your look.

Look for suitable and durable fabric

The first and most important thing you should consider is the fabric of the Kurti. Because it decides how comfortable, durable, and luxurious it will be. Many fabric types are available in the market for Kurti, such as cotton, silk, polyester, etc., but only a few can suit your body type and comfort. 

So, first, know what fabric suits your comfort as it is tough to wear uncomfortable dresses for a long time. Cotton is the most comfortable fabric with sporty and daily wear Kurtis. If you are looking for a Kurti for party and official purposes, silk and mixed cotton fabrics are perfect choices.  

Look for Pattern

There are hundreds of patterns in the market today, from florals to check prints, strips to blocks of colors. But the fact is where you want to wear it – party, office, or regular wear. And another thing is which pattern looks bright on your skin tone. 

For a petite figure, delicate patterns are the ideal choice, and a healthier figure goes well with bold prints. Whereas strips, blocks, and mix and match patterns embrace official attire.  

Look at what suits your body type

Choosing the right Kurti style that suits your figure is a crucial factor to look for. Knowing your body shape allows you to decide better what Kurti’s cut and pattern look impressive. Typically, there are four types of women’s body shape: hourglass-shaped body (neat bottom line, waist, and bust), pear-shaped body (full hips & thigh, and defined waistline), banana-shaped body (average stomach, straight shoulder, and butt line) and apple-shaped body (fattish bust & butt, and rounded shoulders).

  • Hourglass-shaped body: Choose a good fit, deep neck, and flared Kurti style.
  • Pear-shaped body: Pick straight cut, collar neck, or boat neck with texture style Kurti.
  • Banana-shaped body: Go for the broad neck, nipped, or cinched waist style. Also, Anarkalis are an ideal choice for this body type.
  • Apple-shaped body: Purchase cuffed sleeves, V-shaped neck, flared style Kurti or you can go with A-line shaped dark shade Kurtis.


What can be better than Kurtis when it comes to casual, comfortable, and traditional wear. Many kurti options are available with a broad range of patterns, colors, fabric, and prices, but where to buy Kurtis online cheaply. Well, if you are also looking for elegant and exclusive Kurti designs for your next party, Paislei is a premier destination. With a motto of breaking the monotony of the industry, they have refreshing, affordable, free-spirited, and affordable Kurtis for all occasions that will surely redefine elegance. So, what are you waiting for? Place your order now!