pc restarts while gaming

How Do I Fix Computer Restarts When Playing Games

Imagine you’re playing an online shooting game with your friends, deeply involved in it, about to take the last shot and all of a sudden your PC automatically reboots.

Can you feel the pain?

A lot of gamers around the globe face this kind of automatic restarting problem while gaming and it is highly frustrating and if it happens more than once it becomes frustrating too.

In this article, we will be touching the nerve of this problem and provide you with the causes behind this type of problem.

Techniques you can use to prevent computers from restarting when playing games.

Here are some of the techniques that you can check out to prevent these kinds of problems while playing games.

  • Check out your Power settings

Insufficient power supply to the graphic card is also a reason for restarting your computer in between gaming.

Check your power supply unit. Is that enough for all the units of the computer?

You can also test it with a power supply tester.

To run a power supply tester follow the below instructions:-


  • Open the search box and type control panel” and hit the enter button
  • Then, click “Power options“.
  • Hit the ” change plan settings“.
  • Step four is to click “change Advanced power settings“.
  • Then look out for Processor power management > minimum processor state.
  • Next, you have to set the number low for instance 0% or 5% and hit the ok button
  • Lastly, Save the changes and Restart your PC.


  • Full scan

A clean full scan of your PC can fix this problem of PCs randomly restarting while gaming because sometimes computers get viruses that create these kinds of problems.

Make sure your antivirus is up to date or you inbuilt windows defender. 

  • Disable Windows Automatic Restart 


Sometimes apart from power and operating problems, system settings can also be a root cause. Disabling the Windows automatic restart feature can prevent this situation.

    • Open the system by hitting the Windows logo key+pause
    • Then click on Advanced system settings.
    • Next in the Advanced tab, below startup and recovery, hit Settings.
  • Uncheck Automatically restart and press ok.
    • Press Apply > OK
  • Restart your PC.


  • Upgrade your graphic card drivers

Upgrading your graphic card driver is a good option to overcome this issue of PC restarts while gaming because sometimes outdated and missing drivers can create these types of situations which will annoy you. 

  • Prohibit Overheating

Overheating of PCs is the most common issue people face while playing games which eventually leads to restarting the computer as the CPU causes high energy and generates heat and to safeguard itself PC shut off automatically. 

Make sure your PC is clean and all fans are free from dust and working properly and if the problem persists then my friend it’s time to change your CPU cooler.



 PC restarts while gaming is the most familiar problem PC gamers face while playing extensive graphic games.

It happens due to many reasons like overheating, power issues, viruses or outdated graphic card drivers.

But like every problem, this one too has the solutions that you can take care of and prevent your PC from this kind of problem.

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