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Why should you choose Kansas as your next travel destination?

As covid-19 restrictions have been minimized in some states, now’s the right time to plan your next trip. Well, from the day this pandemic has arrived, it certainly has affected all kinds of businesses around the world. But the travel industry has been drowned in the worst way possible. But as we’re witnessing a slight improvement in the conditions, states are doing everything to restart the traveling part. 

Especially if we talk about Kansas travel and tourism, they’re leaving no stone unturned to provide the best and safest experience to the tourists. And if you’re still having some doubts about visiting this one-of-a-kind state, then we can provide you with some unique options in Kansas that would completely blow your mind. 

Arabia Museum

Probably one of the most popular places to visit in Kansas, the Arabian seaboat museum houses 40,000 pounds of supplies that were supposed to reach the Kansas city general stores on 5th September 1856 but the steamboat sank just six miles before reaching the shore. The supplies were considered lost for about 145 years until an archeologist discovered them. 

This story in itself acts as an attraction for the people and they always visit this place to witness the facts related to the incident for real. The museum has some really rare artifacts that are dated from the pre-civil war era. Some common objects, food items that were part of the people living at that time attract a lot of tourists to this museum. The condition of the artifacts is maintained regularly with the help of the staff members. Along with that, the museum also possesses interesting facts about the Missouri river which still has thousands of steamboats sleeping in its waters. 

The Union station

This station was built in the year 1914 and was specifically built to accommodate passengers. It also has a waiting room which has a capacity of almost 10,000 people. But after so many years of service, this station was closed in the 1980s. But after several renovations and reconstruction, it reopened in 1999 with some restaurants and shops to attract tourists. 

The station’s building seems to be quite impressive but the main attraction is the several other types of activities that it offers. One can visit the Regnier extreme screen theatre, city stage theater or the Science city for some good time. This place is recommended several times to the tourists by the Kansas travel and tourism department.

Science City

Whoever visits Kansa with his family has to visit this place for sure. Specifically located at the union station, this place is all about science. Tourists can visit and interact with all the science models themselves which provides them a learning experience altogether. Whether you’re into Physics or just want to know more about the properties of water, this place has everything that you want. The place also has a Paleontology area where children can learn about the ancient era. 

The American Jazz museum

We are aware of the fact that you must be wondering all the above places had only one thing in common, all of them are kid-friendly. But don’t worry. We do have something in the bucket for you as well. The American jazz museum is the best place to go if you’re a music lover. Located in the famous Jazz district of Kansas City, the museum offers everything which can change the definition of music in your mind. It has some exclusive posters and memorabilia like Charlie parker’s saxophone or Ella Fitzgerald’s gown. 

There’s nothing that you won’t like about this place. Listening stations, films, some of the best mixing boards of that time, it houses everything. If you’re lucky, you might witness some of the best youth events or concerts that are organized completely free for the community. 


As we’ve already witnessed the wrath of this pandemic once, we’re sure you wouldn’t want to wait for it again. So the best thing to is just travel to your favorite destination. Kansas travel and tourism department is providing utmost safety and comfort to the tourists to elevate their travel experience. So what are you waiting for? Plan your trip right away.