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CA Exam series

Why do candidates concentrate high on the foundation level of CA exam series?

CA Foundation is only an entry-level exam designed to determine whether or not a candidate is capable of coping with the coursework and pressures of the CA program.

CA foundation is not difficult in and of itself, however, the syllabus will be vast when compared to your or class 12. (Total of 6 subjects are there).

It’s merely a test to see how much you know and how clear your concepts are at the initial level.

Two of the papers (Accountancy and Business Law) are subjective, whereas Math and Economics are objective. In my opinion, if you can go through the ICAI modules and MTP, RTPS, you will be able to pass the exams with ease. The majority of the Mcqs come from the ICAI module’s back end. As a result, only finishing the ICAI module will be enough to pass the CA foundation exam.

Getting into more details with CA Foundation Exam

The CA Foundation Examination is a paper-and-pencil test. The test can be taken in either English or Hindi by the applicant.

In CA Foundation, there are four papers: Papers 1 and 2 are subjective, whereas Papers 3 and 4 are objective and have a negative marking scheme of 0.25 marks. It consists of the following exams:

  • Principles and Practice of Accounting.
  • Business Correspondence and Business Laws
  • Business Mathematics, Logical Reasoning, And Statistics
  • Business and Commercial Knowledge & Business Economics

Passing Criteria for CA Foundation Exam

If a candidate receives 40 percent in each paper and 50 percent in the aggregate of all papers, he or she is said to have passed the test.

Graduates, postgraduates, and candidates with similar credentials are exempt from the CA Foundation Exam and can enroll in the Intermediate Course right away.

How to study for CA Foundation Exam or CA Exam Series?

Self-study or coaching can be used to prepare for the CA Foundation Examination. However, enrolling in classes is preferable to leaving no stone unturned in your CA Foundation Course preparation. Classes will not only help you understand all of the ideas, but they will also assist you on how to focus your preparations in the best way possible. You may also enroll in CA Test Series for CA Exam series, which is India’s premier CA prep destination. With online classes, you can study from the best educators from the convenience of your own home. It includes high-definition videos that can be watched at any time, as well as student-friendly annotations and exam-style quizzes.

How do the CA Test series help in the preparation of the CA Foundation Exam series?

For each topic, they will administer five exam papers. Two papers cover 50 percent of the subject, while three papers cover the whole semester.

For the complete CA foundation exam series, a total of 20 tests will be performed. There will also be some crucial remarks presented.

All of the papers will be delivered at the same time, allowing students to take any test before December 2021 at any time.