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AOL email stop working on Outlook

After Gmail email services, AOL stands out as the best email service across the world. AOL users experience dynamic emailing capacity, fast emailing, a fabulous interface, and an all-around acceptable email account with several other features. Besides, it has superb customer support to deal with various expected or unexpected AOL emailing issues. 

Moreover, AOL email supports MS Outlook, thereby you can sync your AOL email in Outlook to perform various associated actions. Well, no matter how fabulous an email client is, it can sometimes show up errors because of some issues. Continue reading this article if your AOL mail has stopped working in Outlook

Why is my AOL email not working with Outlook? 

From unstable internet connectivity to issues with your email client, various reasons can trigger AOL mail issues in MS Outlook. Nonetheless, it is crucial to know the possible reasons before executing troubleshooting ways. 

  1. There are issues with your internet connectivity that is why AOL mail is not working with Outlook.
  2. Your AOL mail server configuration is not correctly set up.
  3. AOL fails to sync with Outlook.
  4. Issues with your AOL email account password. 
  5. Issues in your device. 
  6. Have not updated your device as well as the application. 
  7. AOL email server is down this moment you are trying to connect with Outlook through AOL mail. 

Tips to troubleshoot AOL mail not working with Outlook issues

These are some of the best ways to fix AOL email problems with Outlook. You can go through them and apply one or more to fix the issues. Also, you can visit the Email Crunch for more related info. Keep reading! 

Solution 1. Check AOL email server settings 

Check the IMAP and POP server settings in your AOL email. Both should be configured correctly, however, the IMAP server is preferred over the POP server because Outlook uses the IMAP server while syncing with the AOL emails. 

Solution 2. AOL email configuration settings

These are the AOL IMAP and SMTP servers’ settings. Check them carefully and do the needful changes in your AOL email account. 

AOL SMTP set up 

  • Server name:
  • Your username: your AOL emails address
  • Password: AOL email password
  • Port: 587 with TLS, whereas select 465 with SSL
  • Authentication: Yes
  • Email sending limit: 100 connections a day or 500 emails per day. 

AOL IMAP set up

  • Incoming server:
  • Outgoing server:
  • IMAP Port: 993
  • SSL: On
  • Username: AOL email address
  • Password: AOL email account password. 

Solution 3. Update your AOL Account Password 

Have you changed your AOL email password recently? Make sure you have updated it on Outlook as well, otherwise AOL email problems with Outlook can occur. There is a simple way to do it. 

  1. Go to Outlook and look for Account settings. 
  2. Select AOL email account.
  3. Click on the Update password option. 
  4. Enter the new password and save the changes. 

Solution 4. Update the MS Outlook

If you are still using the old version of your MS Outlook application, update it immediately to avoid AOL email issues with it. The reason is simple, the older version does not support AOL email accounts along with other features. 

Solution 5. Re-add your AOL account to Outlook

Perhaps, there are some errors in the setup of your AOL email account with Outlook. Thus, remove your account from the Account settings option in Outlook, then add it again. 

Solution 6. Check your Device

Issues with your device will surely affect the functioning of certain applications. One of them can be Outlook and AOL email issues. Hence, we recommend you check for windows updates or/ and restart your device to avoid such errors. 

You can use the above method to resolve your AOL mail has stopped working in Outlook and know the extra info visit “EmailsCrunch” blog.

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