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Top Tips For Getting the Full Flavour From Your Vape Juice

As per the change in years we live in, vaping has become a skill especially done during leisure time. However, during these times, you might need to gain the fullest of fun by enjoying the best out of the products as they come. In this article, you will get an insight on how to get the full flavour from the vape juice. 

Things you can adopt doing to make your vaping experience great 


Time and again, you may need a change in the flavour after days and weeks of using one certain one. However, just putting a new flavour may not seem tasty as the old one in that there is a tendency of mixtures in the flavours. In such cases, here are the things you can adopt doing to ensure you get the full experience. 

1.Choosing flavours from the same category as the old one 


This fact specifically points to those people who seem sensitive to a single flavour. You may want to remain safe and enjoy the same fun you always seem to get by staying in the same category of the same flavour. For instance, if you like fruit flavours and you always take berries, you might change to citrus or mango as it does not have any significant change. 

2.Make sure you have a clean tank and coil 


Corrosion on the flavour taste can be caused by the cleanliness levels of the vaping device. For a long time, people have underestimated just how the flavour can be affected by e-liquid and furthermore, these measures are taken to remove the traces of the previous vape juice that might have amounted in the tank. 

3.Maintaining the same PG/VG ratio 


This ratio refers to the amount of propylene glycol to that of the vegetable glycerin in the e liquids. In this case, the liquid is responsible of obtaining the right concentration in the flavour. With this kind of concentration, the nicotine strength will be determined, influencing flavour intake. 

4. Weaning yourself slowly 


Weaning typically ensures that the body slowly gets adapted to a certain kind of flavour in a consistent way. When you hurriendly do the change, you can affect normalizing the vape flavour. Through weaning, adjustments in to new flavours can be made possible and you might as well achieve your new reality as a cool person. 

5.Palate cleanse 


This method makes a difference when int comes to change of flavours. In the vaping world, you can choose you can either choose to use the menthol flavour or use any other in between to vape with. All in all, for you to get the full effect of these flavours you need to have a clean palate. 

6. Reduce your airflow 

The technique you have in to inhaling the flavour might as well affect the impact that the vape juice is going to give you. To make sure that you benefit from the full impact you first need to reduce the airflow to ensure you take in every bit of it. 



As an amateur interested in becoming the coolest vapour, you need information like the one given above to make a difference. Furthermore, these facts are researched and you can get more information from either, or even 



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