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Lunch Boxes for Girls

The Best Approach to Lunch Boxes for Girls for Every Personality Type

You’re a girl—you live to be unique and different. Your lunch box is no exception—aside from the fact that it has all of your favorite foods from the cafeteria, that is. A girl can’t just choose a standard lunch box and be done with it, especially if she’s got a few personality traits about her. The best approach to lunch boxes for girls for every personality type is one that will keep your lunch fresh and food safe, as well as stylish!

What do you think is the best kind of lunch box for girls?

Ah! The age-old question of what to pack for lunch boxes is still a problem, both for our children and ourselves in the office. Does your child love bread and gummy worms? Are you wondering what you can sneak into your colleague’s lunch box? Do you have a weirdly specific craving for mashed potatoes and yams? Or do you just want to show everyone that they’re doing it wrong and their lunches aren’t cool at all? Whatever your situation, I am here to help with these five fabulously adorable lunch box ideas for girls for every personality type, because if there is one thing I know about kids, it’s that no two of them are alike.

You can never go wrong with a gift. Especially a personalized one. If you’re thinking of getting something special for your daughter, a lunch box is your best bet. It’s the perfect weekend project if you’re arts and crafts inclined. She might be a bit young to appreciate the hard work but there’s no denying that the end result will look amazing! Let’s take a look at some lunch boxes for girls for every personality type.

How do you choose the lunch box for your daughter?

I’m super excited to share this guide all about the best lunch boxes for girls! I have a psychologist hat and business hat, so I’ve applied those experiences in order to find the best lunch box options for every girl!

Some little girls prefer to carry around a Lunch Box at all times. Many people don’t understand what’s really in the hearts of these cute girls and boys who are carrying lunch box at all times. In this article I am going to share what you can truly expect when you buy a Lunch Box for girls for your child.

Your little girl is a girl. Every girl wants a lunch box. Every mommy knows her daughter’s personality and choice of lunch box could be tricky. What type of lunch box should you buy for her?

Kids can be picky; you know this already. And have you ever known a kid who just won’t eat the lunch you packed for them? You might have, and it’s a problem more common than you think! It’s not just your picky kids, mind you. Children, in general, are pickier nowadays than they were when parents packed their lunches back in the old days. They want convenience, but they don’t necessarily want to give up on taste. Kids today have different personalities every bit as distinct as yours and mine. These personalities must also be taken into account when deciding which lunch box is right for them.

You can never go wrong with a staple, neutral lunch bag. The trick is finding the lunch box (or lunch tote, or lunch pail) that’s right for you — which style and color should you pick? Oh no! Luckily, the team here

LunchBots has done the dirty work for you. Your personality type determines what type of cool lunch containers and bags suit your style best.

How you pack your child’s lunch can say a lot to them. Take heed of their interests, the kind of person they are, and what they do with their spare time to discover the best way to make their lunchbox special and fun!

If you have a daughter, then you know that school lunch boxes are the bane of your existence. You’ve got the rest of your life to make clothes, so why does your daughter need a new lunch box every year? But despite your protestations about how it isn’t necessary to match her lunch box to her shoes in order for her backpack to be complete, she just won’t listen.

This conversation started when three of my friends were talking about their kids’ recent preschool field trip to a farm. You know, the kind where the kids get to interact with goats, bunnies and cows?

Here’s a general guide to help you choose the best lunch box for your daughter.

The Plain Jane: If your daughter is a simple girl who wants to look nice but not stands out, then the best lunch box for her is the JanSport SuperBreak. It is a good mix between style and durability. It’s also one of the cheapest options available.

The Trendsetter: If you want your daughter to stand out with her lunch bags, then get her something like the Wildkin Lunch Box. It has bright colors, cute designs and it doesn’t look like a typical boring lunch box. The Wildkin Lunch Box will definitely make her friends jealous! The only downside is that it’s expensive compared to other lunch boxes. But hey, if your daughter is popular in school, what do you have to lose?


The Energetic One: If your daughter is very energetic, then get her something like the Nike Lunch Cooler Bag. It has a lot of compartments that are perfect for storing different food types (e.g. fruits and veggies). You can also keep drinks in it too because it’s insulated.

The Neat Freak: If you have a neat freak for a daughter who loves everything perfectly organized