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Marijuana Dispensary in California – Marijuana Can Mimic these 4 Conditions

There is a perception that marijuana is the safest of all recreational drugs. The good news is that marijuana-related deaths are rare, although there is considerable debate about it. A much bigger problem arises when marijuana is combined with other drugs. Alcohol can even amplify weed’s effects. Those who try marijuana for the first time are surprised by their reactions after hearing how mellow it is supposed to be. Marijuana is one of the most complicated drugs out there, especially when it comes to naturally occurring drugs. Cannabis contains 113 active compounds, called cannabinoids, made from the cannabis plant. Each of these cannabinoids affects the body differently marijuana tinctures and not always in the same way. Those who are well versed in the different options can choose the type of high they want. However, newcomers may be surprised by their reactions. It’s not uncommon for folks to try weed for the first time — or, more precisely, for the first time since college — and discover that the high isn’t what they expected. If you search the internet, you’ll find a host of 911 calls from people who didn’t quite enjoy the high they were experiencing. A Harsher Tone Than Mellow: Many people think they have a medical emergency when they go to the hospital. The same weed could have different effects when eaten than when smoked, since marijuana brownies metabolize differently than joints. It also takes longer for newcomers to notice the effects after ingesting the drug than after smoking it, which causes them to eat too much, thinking they aren’t getting anywhere. The weed kicks in all at once when it starts. THC and CBD are the two main cannabinoids in pot. Though doctors aren’t certain how either works, it’s generally believed that the paranoia and anxiety produced by THC are partially mitigated by CBD’s anti-anxiety properties. CBD extract is used by some people to control seizures and reduce anxiety, with some success. Most people expect marijuana to be a sedative, but some people use the highest THC concentrations possible, which gives them a high that looks more like a stimulant than a sedative. Follow These Particular Conditions:

  1. Hypoglycemia:

Marijuana slows down your mental processes.5 That’s one of the things users remember (well, if they can remember anything at all). Pot jokes are so often based on that slow, gentle, absentmindedness. Imagine if someone with diabetes smoked weed and had someone visit them. Low blood sugar is characterized by slow, halting movements and difficulty finding words. You don’t need pot brownies to fix the problem.

  1. Indigestion:

The most frequent users of pot are also known to suffer from heartburn.7 There are a few things they can do to ease their indigestion, but the only surefire cure is to stop smoking.

  1. Marijuana Psychosis:

Paranoia is the next step beyond panic. When weed takes you to the edge, it might not be possible to return. In some vulnerable individuals, marijuana-induced psychosis does not always subside once all the pot has been metabolized.9. Despite the fact that most cases of psychosis caused by THC can be cured by cessation of use, marijuana can still trigger longer-term psychotic symptoms.It is for this reason that it is advised to stay away from products with the highest THC concentration. A dangerous game can ensue if you exceed the THC limit, regardless of whether you use or not.

  1. Panic Attacks:

While most panic attacks are psychiatric in nature, weed can definitely trigger panic attacks. When high, it is not uncommon to see patients hyperventilating and scared of nothing in particular.8 Unfortunately, as with many other adverse effects of marijuana, time is the only cure. There is no antidote on the market that will reverse the effects of marijuana. In fact, abstinence is the only option for those who are vulnerable to the panicky feelings caused by weed. Many people are familiar with how anxiety is induced by THC. In the past, when THC in weed was far less powerful than it is today, some people didn’t like the way it made them feel as if the police were just around the corner.