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Let’s Know More About Backend Web Development

Server-sider-development is another term for backend development. Basically, it is everything that the users do not see at all and contain behind-the-scenes activities. These activities keep occurring and they perform any action possible on a website or an app. Hire backend developers for your ease. The primary focus is on databases, backend logic, APIs, and servers. In a simple manner, this is exactly what backend development is all about. In a website or a mobile app, the backend is a combination of servers, applications, and databases. Data is read from a database and it is intensely updated. Then the data or the information is deleted completely from the database. 

Designing products with CMARIX

CMARIX designs products develop platforms and deliver experiences on a global basis. The transformation beyond physical screens becomes possible with mobile application development. With different native applications, experiences that are mobile are built. Experiences are crafted on cross-platform apps that produce simply WOW effects on any device. To rotate your business with creative best practices, the mobile app developers at CMARIX are dedicated. These bring about seamless engagement and consistent interactions from users. 

Working with any software will not make your game go further when you desperately need to bring newer records on the ground. We map all the intricate challenges you have and deliver ground-breaking software with our custom enterprise software development services. The digital ecosystem is completed with power-packed fully functional software. 

For any business, websites are must-haves. It sounds as if they are your one and only global office. The showrooms and the shop depending on the business you are supposed to have. They work absolutely seamlessly, that is, 24/7/365. The complete brand value, core offerings, and an entire story are conveyed by them. Powerful website building is done by us. The websites are integrated with seamless navigations and functionalities. These help you reach larger audiences quickly and regularly.

You can adapt and outpace the existing competition easily. Digital platforms are modernized and crafted by us. These are for the B2B and the B2C organizations. These organizations come with full-cycle eCommerce development services. The latest technology has a lot of expertise. A reputation has been created by us for building great stories for eCommerce companies. These enable them to scale and drive growth for a long time.

Programming Languages For Backend Development

Two sorts of backend programming languages are available.

Object-oriented or OOP – this is a total programming architecture which is built upon the concept of classes and objects. A program is structured into simple yet reusable pieces of code snippets, known as classes. These are then utilized to create individual instances for objects. An abstract blueprint is a class. It is used to create more concrete and highly specific objects. Objects are in fact, the instances of a class.

Statements are executed in a particular order that does not vary in object-oriented programming languages. There are certain popular object-oriented backend languages including Python, Java and.NET.

Functional – a programming paradigm in which everything is bound in mathematical functions style is known as functional programming. It is the method of software development by creating absolutely pure functions. The concepts of shared state and mutable data that are present in OOP are avoided by functional programming languages. Rather than execution, expressions and declarations are emphasized by them.

The declarative syntax is always utilized by functional programming languages. These suggest that the statements are often executed in random order. There are certain examples of functional languages that include Haskell, Clojure, SQL, and R.


PHP is the hypertext pre-processor that is an open-source back-end scripting language utilized to build dynamic websites. First released in 1995, it was one of the first languages with the extraordinary ability to build dynamic websites. Momentum was quickly gained by it. 78.2% of the dynamic websites are currently empowered by PHP. PHP is generally used to gather useful information and store it securely in a database in conventional websites. PHP has an advantage such that it is easier to learn in comparison with the other languages. It is also easy to use because of the syntax that is simple. PHP is a great language, to begin with.

It reports fewer errors because it is dynamically typed. This means you should compile and run a program until the problematic portion is identified. As a result of the responsive and large community and support, the resources dedicated to the language are a lot. Several organizations use PHP as a backend. These examples include Facebook, Lyft, Viber, and Hootsuite. 


Python was first curated by Guido van Rossum in 1991. It is an interpreted programming language for general purposes. To a significant level, it declines the requirement for coding. Usefulness is present in high amounts due to the ease of use and the extensive libraries that are offered for backend development. Python web frameworks such as Django and Flask have been utilized to power their web apps by several emerging tech organizations. 

The syntax of Python is easy to use and understand when compared to the other backend languages. For cross-platform shell scripting and quick automation, Python can always be used. Frameworks can be used as a flask so we can also deploy machine learning models on the websites. Python can be used as a backend by some the companies like Uber, Mozilla, RedHat, and Spotify.

Ruby on Rails

One of the high-level programming languages is Ruby. It is dynamic and open source at the same time. It focuses on productivity and simplicity. We allow developers to create web applications with Ruby really quickly and that too without writing much code. Bearing similarity with Python, Ruby is fantastic for prototyping. Conventions are highly prioritized by it. It does not prioritize configurations. This helps the backend developers as they do not need to waste their time configuring the files to get started with the process for development. We can automate repetitive tasks with ruby. Web applications can be built. Mobile applications can be built and prototypes can be created.

One of the open-source web development frameworks is Ruby on Rails. Built on top of Ruby, it is a web development framework. Airbnb and Codecademy are examples of some of the organizations that use Ruby as a backend.

An object-oriented, platform-independent, and general-purpose programming language is Java. Indeed, has yet again conducted a survey where Java is one of the most popular programming languages in the world.

High convenience is boosted by Java with the features of cross-stage capabilities and security. It has become the most preferred language among developers thus. Java is extremely popular with desktop and software developers for business. However, it is not beginner-friendly. It thus loses in front of a language like Python. Java is verbose. It requires more code to build out even the simplest of all the features. We can perform database connectivity with Java. There is image processing and networking easily. Spring Boot is actually over a top Java backend framework used for efficient web development. Companies that use Java as a backend are LinkedIn, Flipkart, Amazon, and eBay.  


A web supplication framework that is utilized to build websites using languages like C#, VB.NET, and more is .NET. firstly, it was developed by Microsoft to respond to the Java programming language by Oracle. A unified one-stop solution is what .NET truly is. It is for building fast and robust mobile, desktop, web, and cloud applications. It is absolutely open-source and supports all the platforms. The platforms include macOS, Windows, and Linux. .NET is really fast and friendly. It goes extremely well with all the other programming languages and platforms.

Mainly, an MVC (Model-view-controller) based architectural pattern is followed intensely by .NET. this is a development pattern that allows the duties to be handled by a certain controller. This, in turn, interacts with a model in order to process data. .NET is used as a backend by some of the companies, such as Stackoverflow and Microsoft.

A database is required by every website to deal with the client data. The data is stored by a database. The site content is also stored in a way that makes it much simpler in order to recover, arrange, alter and store information. Extensive knowledge of various DBMS technologies is known by a backend developer.

Wrapping up 

Get a software development company India in order to assist you. Two sorts of databases are available in the market. These are SQL and NoSQL. A SQL database is one where the data available is mapped on a table and each one is linked to another in a significant way. Get team members who have been extremely accommodating and patient all at the same time. Also, the team will be always professional and reliable.