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Latest Offshore IT Trends You Need To Know!

The offshoring model has restructured the business model since it started back in the year 200.0. This model of IT offshoring was initially created as an effective method to cut down the labor cost. However, with time, there came out various other advantages of offshore IT staffing services. There has been a high escalation of offshore IT staffing needs, evident from the increasing number of offshore IT staffing agencies in the picture. Like most other outsourcing services, offshore IT outsourcing services also prove to be enormously beneficial for the IT industry and therefore are highly sought after.

Let us have a look at the top emerging trends in the world of IT services offshoring:

New Location for Offshoring

You would not be surprised to know that India has become the epicenter of the new offshoring locations in today’s global IT picture. India is one of the favorite destinations for business houses to offshore their IT requirements. Almost all the global IT companies have their offshore panels working in India, and each of them is immensely successful. Many factors cumulatively contribute to the enhanced preference of India as an ideal IT offshore destination. The reasons include low-cost workers, highly talented and skilled workforce, extraordinarily flexible and round-the-clock assistance at the best prices, availability of technical supremacy, very lucrative legislative policies conducive for outdoor companies to conduct offshore units here. According to the reports of Offshore IT staffing agency, the demand for skilled Indian IT staff is increasing day by day.

Higher Emphasis on Data Privacy 

With business becoming more global and extending beyond the boundaries, the need for data security is improving radically. Outsourcing has often Outsourcing in the past had often led to drastic data theft and security breaches that were very much risky for the business houses.

Therefore one of the most important trends in 2021 regarding IT Offshoring needs cyber security and a higher emphasis on properly managing data. Companies are choosing such Offshore destinations that will provide them with greater protection of their critical data and will have enhanced cyber insurance and national Cyber security policies. Offshoring trends also speak that business houses are emphasizing primarily to make their cybersecurity framework fundamentally achievable and functional no matter where the team is based.

Greater emphasis on Cutting Edge Latest Skills

There has indeed been an acute shortage of talent, especially in the field of Technology, in the past few years. There have been multiple vacancies that have remained unfilled because of the lack of experts. Therefore, business houses are now looking forward to outsourcing their work Offshore in search of talented and qualified professionals who can match their working standards.

One out of the many recent trends also reflects that there has been increased demand for various new-age Technologies such as the use of Artificial Intelligence and higher instances of automation. The use of such improved technologies leads to the improvement of revenue and the reduction in the physical manual effort. So, the giant IT firms are looking for offshore destinations that will provide them with complete support and assistance with such cutting-edge skills. India is one such country that offers multiple high definition advanced skills to all the business houses that have their offshoring unit situated here ad hence is becoming a popular IT offshore destination. 

With the help of IT staffing agencies, the IT talent is getting global exposure, and it is a positive step for talent mobilization at its best.