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Lab grown Diamond ring designs you cannot wait to buy for Christmas

Christmas holidays are a good time to connect with family. It is a time when you want to get gifts for the people you love and at the same time, you may want to treat yourself. The holidays see a lot of gatherings and parties and it is a good time to wear those delicate or flashy pieces. But if you want to buy something new for Christmas, here are some lab-grown diamond ring designs to checkout.

Oval leaf halo

A lab-grown oval-shaped diamond on a ring can look very pretty. The halo setting has a large center stone surrounded by smaller diamonds. An oval stone at the center that is surrounded by smaller diamonds, packed tightly around it creates a spectacular halo. This centerpiece then has three-leaf designs on each side. This leaf pattern also has oval stones. So, the ring will look like a large oval in the middle and three stones on each side. It almost looks like a flower surrounded by leaves on each side.

Heart cluster baguette

A cluster ring design has closely packed diamonds or can have the main stone surrounded by other stones. The right ring design for a cluster is when all the stones together should look like a single large stone. Baguette diamonds are when the stones flank a larger stone on each side. In this design, a heart-shaped diamond is flanked by a cluster of small stones on each side. The heart cluster ring’s design is super cute.

Split shank filigree

Filigree is a type of intricate metalwork, commonly used in jewelry. So, it is like a detailed design on rings. So, imagine a ring that has the filigree work on both sides of the stone. The stone is held at the center in between four prongs. A cathedral shank embraces the main stone – a princess cut round diamond. The base metal could be gold, diamond, or rose gold and it will make a cool piece to wear.

Antique halo

Lab grown diamond rings can be used on antique designs as well. A large halo-style design flanked by single diamonds on each side is a great example of this. Antique rings were designed mostly for the rich and royalty and they had gold and diamonds on them. The design looks like an opulent flower made of diamonds. The center stone is held in place as a bezel set and tiny diamonds are arranged around it like petals. The “petals” have their own individual prongs to hold them in place. It looks quite spectacular.

Open leaf fashion

This design is relatively modern and is open at the top. The top part doesn’t join to form a complete circle. Instead, the pattern crisscrosses at the top to hold the piece on the finger. The crisscrossed part has tiny leaves made on both sides and has diamonds added to it. Lab-made stones add that additional sparkle to it.

There are many more designs available on ring catalogs that you can pick from. Some wedding organizers have a full book with ideas for rings designs along with other things like wedding photoshoot locations, dresses, and cakes!