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Custom Photo Book Ideas

Ideas and Themes for Creating the Perfect Photo Book

Why do we create a photo book? We create photo books with the sole purpose, to celebrate memories and most importantly narrate stories that have a lot of relevance for you.  

It thus should be done with a lot of thought and emotions so that the end result is amazing. So if you are planning on creating a photo book, then let me say first that you have come to the right place.  

In the article here, I will be discussing some ideas that you can use for your next photo book as I understand it is not easy to find the right one.  

So without much ado, let me present you with some custom photo book ideas that you can have a look at.  

However, before doing that, it is important first to be aware of the steps that you need to follow for creating it.  

Awareness of these will help you to incorporate your memories in a systematic manner and help you to look through them in fact extremely seamlessly.  

Make a Photo Book Following these Steps  

Select a Style that Reflects Memories Perfectly  

Your photo book is an amalgamation of all your memories. Therefore, it is relevant to select a style that helps share those memories in the best possible manner. You can select from styles such as sleek, modern, etc. This will certainly add elements of panache to the photo book you create.  

Choose the Correct Size  

It is equally relevant to select a size for your photo book. You can understand this by considering the volume of photos and the photo book storage. This will help you to accommodate your memories effortlessly.  

Upload and Customize Your Memories 

Seamlessly upload the memories you wish to add to your photo book and customize it. There are several online portals that can make this task quick as well as easy for you.  

With all these steps getting followed, you can then be assured that the end result, your photo book will indeed be a hit among the people you wish to share this with.  

Getting an idea now on the techniques that need to be followed for creating a custom photo book, let me give you an insight into the ideas that you can choose from for your next DIY photo book.  

Creative Custom Photo Book Ideas  

Revisit Your Last Family Trip  

Family trips always have a special place in our hearts. This is therefore one idea that you can consider using in your photo book.  

Try to revisit your last family trip through the creation of spreads. I would recommend the use of photos that are both posed as well as candid along with bringing elements of fun into them as well. These will certainly take you back to your last family trip any time you want to.  

Create a Coffee Table Photo Book  

You may have visited cafes where you may have come across coffee table photo books. I am sure they may have impressed you a lot as they contained photographs of exotic locations, tricks to make killer coffee, and so on.  

You can thus consider this as a theme for your custom photo book. A secret that I want to share. This is quite in trend in the family gifts list. So, if you are looking for the idea for your coffee table photobook, then I would suggest displaying portraits of people close to you, trips where you and your family created memories, etc., and ensemble them together.  

Trust me, looking through them, you and your family will be drawn even more close to each other.  

Bring a Smile on Your Face with Your Pets  

Pets are our best friends.  

Irrespective of whether they are your furry friend, your dogs, your cat, or even your beloved parrot, you consider accumulating them all together and getting them into your classic photo book.  

These can include all their quirky moments, their candid, and so on.  

Trust me, being quite a trend at the moment, these will certainly bring a really wide smile across your face.  

Capture Your Better Half  

That first moment of love. It is always a special one. It has a series of emotions and sentiments attached to them. This is thus one idea that cannot go ignored.  

If you have some candid snaps of your man or your woman, I recommend these to be captured together into the photo book. This may include the first meet you both had, your quirky moments, and the candid you may have captured when they were not looking at you, and so on. All these will certainly bring a priceless smile across their faces when they look through it.  

Being the perfect gifts for occasions such as their birthday, your anniversary, etc., you can present them to your better half to see the expression of emotion that runs through their faces when they skim through its pages.  

Bring Reel to Real  

Your social media feed is a location where you capture all your special memories, mostly all the big events in your life.  

So how about gathering all those moments together and bringing the reel to real through the pages of the photo book.  

You simply need to save the photos on your device from the social media that you capture these images from.  

Next, add details into the photobook, which may include, the date, and the caption you added, and so on.  

This will certainly be something worth preserving.  

Also, one recommendation for this, you can consider this as an ongoing series where you add one event after the other in them. I can vouch that the photobook will flaunt your creativity through and through.  

Some other custom photo book ideas that I recommend in addition to these, include your graduation moments, your custom recipe book, and so on.  

All these will certainly make your photo book a sought-after collector’s edition for you or those close to you, to who you ultimately present them to.  


Creativity lies within all of us. We all have sentiments attached to the memories we capture. Every photograph we capture in fact speaks a thousand stories.  

Thus, it is best to have them assimilated together into a custom photo book.  

Being the perfect family gifts along with being the best gifts you can present to your beloved, or your friend, and so on, they vouch to bring priceless expressions of emotion across the faces of those you present those to, even if it includes you.  

However, remember to choose the design well, the size that is best for accommodating all the memories, and then go on to create magic.  

With all these steps, I am sure, you will create priceless pieces of memories that will be with your loved ones for a really long time.