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How to Create a Super Healthy Kid in Just 4 Simple Steps

Kids are constantly surrounded by technology and in order to keep your child healthy, it is important for you to teach them about their surroundings. Technology plays an important role in the development of a child’s brain. It is important for parents to understand that when children are given access to digital devices at a young age, they will develop a new way of interacting with the world and may come up with creative ideas which can lead to their future success. Here are some ways to create a healthy kid in just four simple steps.

Introducing your child to technology

Remember that technology is only a tool. You cannot teach children how to use it. It is important that parents keep their children away from it. By making them play with other toys, the child will not have access to the technology. Also, teach your child to make them read and play with other kids. Teach your child to observe things that interest him. It will give your child a chance to develop new ways of problem-solving, which in the end will make him successful.


Staying away from tech


To keep your kid away from the digital world, your home should be a device-free zone. To enable your kid to play outside, your home should be a place where he can do sports, play a game of cards, play in a park or do many other things.

Helping your child get the most out of their digital devices

  1. How to Make a Healthy Kid


As a parent, it is your responsibility to make sure your child is safe, and how you can make them feel this way? A healthy child is one who is fit, confident, and emotionally stable, is healthy, has friends, the right amount of peer pressure, and has well-developed social skills.


By engaging in simple activities with your child, such as watching shows together, taking hikes, and reading books, you can help your child make healthy decisions about their behavior and it will also improve their interpersonal skills, communication, and problem-solving skills. To do this, play games such as Chess, games involving make-believe and silly putty. This helps them in their social skills and gives them a sense of accomplishment.

Give them an offline activity

If your child does not interact with the physical world enough, he will not learn how to be kind and compassionate towards others. Giving them physical activities like going on a long walk, painting, playing with toys etc. will help them get fit and strong. However, you must also be careful to avoid things like Internet surfing, playing computer games, or other things that have a digital presence.


Keep devices away from your child


You should limit your nannusays access to devices like iPads or smartphones. Try and limit the amount of time you are giving them to use these devices. Try and keep your child off devices when he/she is in their most vulnerable state. Keep these devices away when he/she is sleeping and away from your child’s reach at night.

Find out more about how tech can affect brain development

What is important is for parents to find out how tech can affect brain development and how to deal with it. For example, the gadgets that surround us today can impact the way we learn, and children are exposed to a lot of information on a daily basis. While they are growing up, they may have less patience and focus and this will result in them getting distracted easily and which can result in the development of ADHD. Here are some ways to teach your children about the impact technology can have on their brain development.


Help them deal with screen addiction


Trying to teach your children about how the devices they are spending most of their time on impacting their brain development, is easier said than done.