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Artificial Grass

How Artificial Grass Installation Will Be Your Perfect Choice For Lawn?

A good artificial grass installation will take care of several issues, including weeds and existing plants. Weeds can grow through the turf and cause an unpleasant ammonia odor. A weed barrier will prevent this by absorbing urine and inhibiting regrowth. Laying the artificial grass on a level surface is important. You may have to cut up your existing lawn and replant it. However, it will be much easier to install artificial grass than you think.

You have to prepare your lawn for artificial grass installation

You should remove the top three or four inches of soil. Next, you should map the perimeter of the area you plan to cover with the grass. Using bender boards will help you draw the perimeter, giving the finished lawn a more polished look. Then, you should compact the soil with a roller or vibrating plate.

Secondly, you should consider the infill that will be used in your artificial grass Dubai installation. Using infill will protect the backing from direct sunlight, add weight and durability, reduce pet odors, increase ballast, and prevent matting. You should also ask your installer about the infill material that you’ll use. This decision should be based on your individual needs.

Create a Solid Outline to Install Artificial Grass on the lawn

Once the backing has been chosen, the next step is to measure the area to be covered. The best way to do this is to create a solid outline. The solid line will help you measure the new grass and ensure that no area is overcrowded. Then, you’ll have to cut the grass into pieces. After that, you’ll need to cut the new grass into a few squares.

The second step in artificial grass installation is to remove the topsoil. Most yards need to be cleared of three to four inches of soil. A bender board will be used to map the perimeter and ensure a clean, polished look. Once the soil has been compacted, it’s time to compact the soil with a vibrating plate or roller. These two steps will help the artificial grass installation be done as easily as possible.

Besides the installation process itself

Artificial grass should be installed on a base layer that will ensure proper drainage. Most climates require a three to the four-inch base layer of stone, while most climates require a 3/4-inch layer of construction-grade crushed rock. It’s important to properly prep the site before laying the artificial grass, as overwatering will lead to slumping and washout of the artificial turf.

Another important factor in artificial grass installation is drainage. When water comes from rain or sprinklers, it will quickly drain. But the moisture in the sub-base will remain and can rot the turf. If you want a beautiful lawn, you should consider the cost of an artificial grass installation. It will last for several years and will make your lawn look beautiful. You may even want to consider a custom artificial grass design if you have a dog.

Seaming is a crucial aspect of artificial grass installation

When you are choosing a turf, be sure to choose a high-quality product that is resistant to water and weeds. The sub-base is an integral part of the installation process, so be sure to choose quality synthetic grass for your lawn. This investment will make your lawn a great place to spend your free time.


A good quality artificial grass installation is a one-time investment. Once installed, artificial grass requires little to no maintenance. You don’t need to buy brand new grass. Once installed, you will have a beautiful, green lawn that saves water. It will look great throughout the year. It is also environmentally friendly. The only major drawback to an artificial turf installation is that it will require a lot of care to stay green.