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Why Should You Choose a Dual Inverter AC Over Others For Your Home?

The sole aim of an air conditioner is to provide instant and quick cooling alongside saving on the electricity costs. A dual inverter air conditioner is one of the most efficient air conditioners available in the market. This article will help you learn more about the cutting-edge dual inverter air conditioners and help you decide which ones are the most suited for your homes.

What is a dual air conditioner?

A dual air conditioner is a more developed and more efficient form of an inverter air conditioner. Such an air conditioner comes with a twin rotary compressor which is absent in inverter air conditioners. This feature allows it to perform its tasks efficiently, without consuming more energy. In addition, the twin rotary compression makes it easier to produce less noise and allows quick cooling.

Usually, in a simple inverter AC, there are two compressors present. However, a single, dual compressor in a dual inverter AC performs the job of two compressors.

Difference Between a Non-Inverter AC and a Dual Inverter AC

A non-inverter AC does not make use of an inverter and therefore has a limited functioning capacity compared to a dual inverter AC. A non-inverter AC starts cooling the room until the set temperature is reached. Moreover, it operates only on two modes- off and on. This makes it consume huge amounts of power. Such an AC starts operating at full power mode, thus consuming more energy when the temperature is increased.

However, a dual inverter AC saves energy by adjusting power as required. Consider this example, you turn on your inverter air conditioner and set the desired temperature. The Dual DC Inverter AC will use full power until the set temperature is achieved but will start consuming lesser power once it reaches the set temperature, thus saving energy. In addition, this type of AC will maintain the power level until the set temperature is not increased again.

The dual rotary compressors in the dual inverter AC help use lower rotational speed without compromising the refrigerant. This feature makes a dual inverter AC more efficient than a non-inverter AC or a single inverter AC.

Why Should You Switch to Using a Dual Inverter AC?

A dual inverter air conditioner allows you to save power. However, there are several other benefits to using a dual inverter air conditioner compared to a single inverter air conditioner. Let us have a look at each one of them-

1. Efficient operation- A dual inverter air conditioner can easily operate at a lower power than an inverter AC. Its twin rotary compressor feature helps it perform the cooling operation without consuming too much energy. As per experts, a dual inverter AC reduces electricity consumption by nearly 70 percent.

2. Quick cooling– The twin rotary compressor in dual air conditioners provides increased refrigerant compared to the one provided by single inverter air conditioners. A single revolution of a rotary compressor creates more air compression than the ones provided by a single rotary compressor.

3. Reduced noise– A dual inverter AC causes less noise than a single inverter AC. The operation of a single compression makes use of more rotational speed and causes more noise. Whereas in dual inverter air conditioners, the twin rotary compressors use a phase difference of 180 degrees. This provides stability and thereby decreases the amount of noise being produced.

To sum up, a dual air conditioner offers several benefits, such as energy efficiency, lower noise and vibration, and quick cooling. When you are looking for a new AC for your home, you know which one to prefer!