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Unique ideas for taking photographs at home

You need to remain at home, you need to take pictures however you don’t have a clue what to photograph? What in case you were informed that at home, you have an enormous number of assets to take advantage of with your device? Here aresome unique ideas for taking photographs at home. All you really want is a little imagination and a powerful urge to explore!

Unique ideas you should try

Take pictures at home: food

Who doesn’t take pictures of their meals today? Social networks are filled with photos of delicious looking food that make us dream with their flavor and texture. Being at home is the perfect excuse for two things: first, to cook a delicious dish, then to immortalize and test your skills as a food photographer.

For their shapes and colors, photos of cakes and desserts are one of the most interesting alternatives for a homemade shoot. Not only are you going to have fun cooking (and we don’t even talk about when you taste your desserts), but you are also going to be able to experiment with the frames, decor and lighting to pull off some really eye-catching photos.


When we talk about taking pictures of flowers, we have the countryside and nature in mind, but this is not the only place where we can find and photograph them. You have a beautiful vase of flowers at home or a plant on the patio that you can draw a portrait of, right?

The plant world also offers us endless possibilities to test our creativity. And one of the main advantages of taking flower photos at home is that you don’t need to be careful that the wind spoils your image, for example. For vivid images, don’t just photograph the flower or plant as it is. Have fun with a lens or macro lens to create different sensations and bring more life to your image. Check more details on


Every corner of the house is ideal for finding textures that evoke the most varied sensations: smooth, rough, soft, rough, soft, hard… In fact, everything around us has a texture, so the one that will be really attractive and worthy of being captured will depend on us.

The trick is to play with the lighting to give the texture more or less volume and dramatization. Depending on the location of your light source, the texture will show up in one way or another. Experiment several times, changing places, to accentuate the areas of your choice.

Creative photography with gels

Color gels are not only used to correct dominant tones but also to produce creative and original effects. They are also suitable for making creative portraits, where the subject is illuminated with one color and the background with another, although this also applies to product photography. If you want to take artistic photos or to provoke specific emotions depending on the choice of color used, gels are a great option to consider.

Fish eye

Lenses or conversion lenses are the most popular accessories for getting creative because they can show an object from a new perspective and thus make it look a lot more fun. Imagine how your home photoshoot would take with a lens or fisheye conversion lens. You would no longer have any limits!