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Understanding Credit Scores and a Mortgage Broker Near Me?

Credit scores play a vital role when mortgage borrowers have to acquire a mortgage from lenders. A credit score shows how likely a person will pay or default on credit. The range of credit scores is 350 and 850. A higher credit score means that a lender will have more faith in you to grant a mortgage. Additionally, a mortgage broker near me is easy to find as long as mortgage borrowers are good at research. Referrals, online searches, and other resources can aid one in finding a reliable mortgage broker to find a mortgage lender. Let us dive into the meaningfulness of a credit score in-depth:

How Do Credit Scores Work for People?    

More often than not, people have multiple credit scores that change now and then. A credit score of a person is contingent on the scoring formula and a credit reference bureau. A credit reference bureau supplies credit score information using the formulas to calculate a credit score. You can select one bureau and monitor your credit score. You should know that a bank or credit card issuer may provide your FICO score free of cost. Moreover, it is essential for people who want to get a mortgage to improve their credit score. 

How Can You Improve Your Credit Score?  

Firstly, you might not have any credit score if you haven’t used credit recently. However, you can build credit if you apply for a credit-builder loan or a secured credit card. Credit-builder loan deposits the money you borrow into a savings account. After 12 monthly payments, you get access to the amount. You deposit an amount with the issuing bank in case of a secured credit card. Then, you get access to a line of credit that equals your deposit. Once you have a credit score, you can improve or maintain it in the following ways:

Pay Your Bills on Time:

It is crucial to pay bills on time and improve a credit score.

Use Credit Cards But Don’t Exceed 30% of the Limit:

Make sure you don’t surpass the credit card limit of more than 30%, and use your credit card regularly.

Pay Credit Card Balances in Full:

Make sure to pay your credit card balances in full.

Don’t Close Accounts Too Soon:

Wait till your credit card score reaches 70 at least before closing one or two accounts. Start it with the lower-limit credit cards. 

Credit Score Affect an Access to a Mortage

A mortgage broker near me you might find a per your search will introduce you to a lender. Then, a lender will analyze your credit scores to find out how likely you might default on mortgage payments. A lender won’t approve a mortgage if you have a bad credit score. Nonetheless, a high credit score means you will likely get a mortgage.

A credit score determines the interest rate for which your mortgage might get approval. A better credit score qualifies for low monthly payments for a mortgage and vice versa. A credit card also affects renters because landlords use credit card scores before renting you a home.  

Credit Score and Your Purchasing Power

A credit score can impact your access to utilities. Companies that provide you utilities see your credit card scores to find out if you can pay for them. Thus, a credit score can impact you in accessing water, electricity, cable, and more.

We have already mentioned that the history of your bill payments affects your credit score. Lenders, landlords, utility companies, and employers use your credit card score to determine how responsible you are financially. 


A credit score plays a vital role for mortgage borrowers when they have to acquire a mortgage. A credit score has a range, 350 to 850. A credit score of an individual is determined through a scoring formula and credit reference bureau. You can improve your credit score in the following ways to acquire a mortgage on suitable terms:

  1. Pay Your Bills on Time
  2. Use Credit Cards But Don’t Exceed 30% of the Limit
  3. Pay Credit Card Balances in Full
  4. Don’t Close Accounts Too Soon

A mortgage broker near me you might find through search will introduce you to a lender. Then, a lender will use your credit score before approving a mortgage. A better credit score aid mortgage borrowers in getting a mortgage on the best terms. Lastly, a credit score also affects one’s purchasing power. 

Patrick Romann is an independent Mortgage Agent in Oakville dedicated to helping you build and execute the best mortgage plan with mortgage services.