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Top 10 Useful Tips Before Buying a New Smartphone

In today’s world, smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. Individuals use smartphones for numerous purposes like internet browsing, communication, doing office tasks, playing games, taking amazing pictures, etc. Moreover, its importance in our life has significantly increased in these pandemic times. Everything is being conducted in virtual mode, from school classes to office meetings, and with the help of a smartphone, one can easily attend their school or college class or other virtual meetings.

If you want to purchase an affordable smartphone equipped with amazing features, you can buy the oppo a53 smartphone. The oppo a53 price in India is very affordable. If you are confused about which smartphone to purchase, below are some useful tips that will solve your problem.

10 Tips To Keep In Mind While Purchasing A Smartphone

  1.   Prefer Mobile With Better Build Quality

Purchasing a smartphone is a vital investment that every individual makes in their life. Therefore, while choosing the best smartphone for yourself, you should consider the models with the better build quality. Always prefer smartphones with metal or plastic backside as they are more durable than glass backside and have an aesthetic look. Do not purchase smartphones with a glass backside if you are prone to dropping the smartphone often.

  1. Bigger Display

Smartphones with bigger displays are better in contrast to smartphones with smaller displays. The perfect smartphone model that meets this criterion is the oppo a53, even though the oppo a53 price in India is below Rs. 11,000, but it is equipped with a bigger display with a captivating resolution. 

  1. Higher Ram

If you have a mid-range budget for your smartphone, you should prefer the 6GB ram mobile phone models as they are more efficient in their performance. The smartphone with higher ram capacity like 4GB, 6GB, 8GB, etc., ensures that users can experience lag-free usage while using the smartphone.

  1. Processor

 Different models of smartphones are equipped with different kinds of processors. You should select the type of processor-based on your usage. If you want to play games or perform multi-task, then you should prefer the smartphones with Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, and if you have moderate usage then Mediatek or Exynos processors will be suitable for you.

  1. Camera

If you want to take some amazing pictures with your smartphone or love photography, you should prefer smartphones with a triple camera or quad camera setup. The oppo a53 is an excellent smartphone with a triple camera setup of 13mp+2mp+2mp and 16mp selfie camera that provides sharper pictures than other smartphones. The amazing fact about this smartphone is that oppo a53 price in India is below Rs.11, 000 but in this lower budget, it has an amazing camera setup.

  1. Operating System

The OS is a key factor that you should consider before purchasing a smartphone. All the smartphone brands like Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, Oneplus etc., have an android operating system. Whereas the Apple iPhones are equipped with the IOS operating system. The smartphones with android os are cheaper in contrast to IOS os. If you have a low budget, you can go with an android os, but iIOS os is better f you have a higher budget.

  1. Storage

Always choose smartphones with higher storage space capacity. The storage capacity like 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB is better than storage capacity like 32GB, 8GB, etc. The higher storage space lets you store more applications, files, etc., without worrying about storage space. The Oppo a53 is a suitable smartphone as it has a storage space of 64GB, and the oppo a53 price in India is very affordable.

  1. Enhanced Security Features

Nowadays, smartphones have enhanced security features like a fingerprint scanner, iris scanner, etc. If you usually have to store your important files on your smartphone, you should prefer smartphones with enhanced features.

  1. USB Jack

Always prefer smartphones with a type-C USB jack as they are not only convenient but also future-proof. The USB Type-C port is a universal port that enables users to connect their phones with the laptop or other devices easily.

  1. Battery Capacity

The phone’s battery capacity is something you should keep in mind while purchasing your new smartphone. If you use your phone to complete your tasks, love playing games, or travel often, you should prefer smartphones with higher battery capacity, like more than 5000 mAh, which can ensure day-long battery backup.

Thus, above are some useful tips that you should keep in your mind before purchasing your new smartphone. If you want to purchase the best smartphone on a low budget, then oppo a53 is suitable. The price of oppo a53 in India is below Rs.11 000 and is equipped with numerous amazing features.

Even though the oppo a53 price in India is below Rs.11,000, people can face problems buying this smartphone if they do not have sufficient cash to pay upfront. But now purchasing this smartphone is very easy. You can use the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card that comes with a pre-approved limit of Rs.4 lakh. You can convert the total amount into convenient EMI options of No Cost EMI and zero down payments and repay within 3 months to 24 months tenor.