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Yoga Retreats

The Beginner’s Guide to Yoga Retreats

Want to let go of all the stress and enjoy a happy and healthy life? Enrolling in a yoga retreat can help you get back that lost the zeal to live life and enjoy good health. A yoga retreat helps you withdraw from the external world and focus on the internal. One of the goals of a yoga retreat is to deepen current yoga practice without any distractions.

However, if you are a complete beginner then going to a yoga retreat can be a bit challenging. Don’t worry! There are a few simple tips that can help you make the most of the first visit to a yoga retreat in Rishikesh.

With that said, let us check out what you need to do to enjoy your first time at a yoga retreat.

Things to Keep in Mind for First Visit to Yoga Retreat

To make it easier for you to make the most of your first yoga retreat experience, given below are some tips.

1. Set an Intention

The first thing you should do even before you make the booking is set an intention. Why do you want to go to a yoga retreat? Is it for peace and quiet or deepening the yoga practice? Whatever be the reason, make sure you have a clear goal behind joining the yoga retreat.

2. Pack Less

The worst way you can stress out yourself before going to the retreat is by packing unnecessary stuff. All you need to pack for the yoga retreat is a comfortable outfit and the rest is taken care of by the retreat staff. This also comes in handy when you want to join one of Yoga Alliance certified schools to learn yoga.

3. Commit to the Experience

When you are at the yoga retreat, do not focus on things that need to be done after you go back as that ruins the experience. Remember, there will be time for you to focus on the office and family life, but the yoga retreat is for just you.

Now, before you pack the bags and go ahead, you should know about the different levels of yoga retreats.

Different Levels of Yoga Retreat

Keep in mind there are three levels of yoga retreat designed to improve your yoga learning process.

With that said, let us check out the three different levels of yoga retreats in Rishikesh.

1. Beginner Level

If you are someone who has no experience with yoga, then enrolling in the beginner-level yoga retreat makes sense. The main focus of this yoga retreat is to make you comfortable and familiar with some of the common yoga postures and movements.

At this retreat, you learn about the Sanskrit names of different yoga asanas, yoga philosophy, and history among others. Given below are some things you can expect to learn at a beginner yoga retreat;

  • Less intense yoga practice
  • Basic Pranayama
  • Use of yoga props
  • The slow-paced practice of yoga asanas
  • Seated meditation practices

If you are new to yoga then enrolling in a beginner-level yoga retreat does not require you to be flexible.

2. Intermediate Level

So, you possess some experience in yoga and want to take this to the next level? It is time for you to enrol in the intermediate level yoga retreat in Rishikesh. These retreats require you to practice complex body postures and movements. This yoga retreat is the bridge between advanced and beginner yoga practitioners.

As an intermediate yoga practitioner, you get lessons in an in-depth understanding of the basic yoga asanas, body alignment, and the relation between breath and body movement.

Here’s what you can expect to learn at an intermediate yoga retreat;

  • Yoga inversions
  • Body balancing yoga asanas
  • Advanced Pranayama techniques
  • Focus on breathing during yoga practice

In other words, this yoga retreat is the perfect option if you have previous experience in yoga theory and practice.

3. Advanced Level

If you have been practising yoga for a long time and are familiar with the eight limb path of yoga, you are ready to go to an advanced yoga retreat. Typically, if you have mastered the physical and mental aspects of yoga, moving onto the advanced yoga retreat is the best option.

Here’s what you can expect to learn at the advanced yoga retreat;

  • Headstand and handstands
  • Arm balances and yoga backbends
  • No use of yoga props

Thus, these are the three levels of yoga retreats that provide you with different levels of yoga knowledge.


Want to get away from the distractions of everyday life and dive into a yoga practice? You should use this guide to find the best yoga retreat in Rishikesh and experience its magical benefits.