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A Guide For Taxi App Development Features, Costs And Trends

A Guide For Taxi App Development : Features, Costs And Trends

When it comes to public transport, you would have heard the term called mobility as a service (MaaS). Mobility as a service is a type of service that enables people to plan and book transportation services for themselves. Instead of traveling in their own vehicles, people will prefer to hire vehicles for their mobility. After the advent of transportation apps, we could witness a shift from personally owned vehicles to mobility services. 

The ease of booking taxi cabs is the driving force that motivates individuals to book their rides effortlessly. People find it extremely difficult to travel amidst heavy traffic and congestion. When booking a taxi is this easy, who would go for self-driving? Well, this blog is all about discussing the potential of developing a distinctive taxi booking app to compete in the taxi industry. Come let’s discuss creating a strong Uber clone app for initiating a successful taxi business. 

The Working Mechanism Of An App Like Uber 

It’s needless to discuss the popularity of Uber as it is a quite known theory in the history of on-demand apps. The structure of an app like Uber is as follows,

  • The passengers will always initiate a ride request by entering their pick-up and drop-off destination in the app. 
  • By analyzing the distance of the drop-off destination, the app will calculate the ride fares and update them to the users.
  • Upon accepting the ride fares, the ride request is circulated among the drivers from the nearby vicinity. Interested drivers can accept the ride. 
  • When the drivers accept a ride, the users will get notifications regarding their drivers’ information. The contact details are also shared with the users so that they can communicate with them. 
  • The in-built GPS supports the driver to track the exact location of their passengers. The users can also track their rides in real-time. 
  • At the end of the trip, the users can pay for their rides through any of the feasible methods. 
  • Both the drivers and passengers can now share their ratings and feedback in the app based on their experience. 

What Are The Best Ways To Generate Revenue Through Taxi App Development?

When it comes to revenue generation, there are several possible ways to generate revenue in a taxi app business. Here are some of the revenue-generating options that come with a taxi booking app,

  • Trip Commissions 

In taxi app development, the major revenue comes from commissions. Drivers who are partnering with the app are bound to pay commissions for each trip they receive through the app. The total fare updated to the passengers will include this also so that you can get your commission from drivers easily. 

  • Driver’s fee 

When drivers join the platform to upgrade their taxi business, they are asked by the taxi booking apps to pay an initial fee for partnering with them. In certain app brands, the drivers are asked to pay their fee every month or week. In a few apps, the drivers can opt to pay a one-time fee. Moreover, you can fix your fee with your drivers according to your feasibility.

  • Cancellation fee 

In some cases, individuals tend to cancel the rides which they have scheduled earlier. When both the drivers and users cancel their rides, an amount of money will be deducted from both their accounts. 

  • Advertising 

Probably this is one of the most commonly followed practices in on-demand apps to generate revenue. The brand owners will approach the apps and pay them for featuring their advertisements in their apps. This is one of the best ways to generate revenue through a taxi app. 

Features And App Development Phases

App development comes in different forms, like native and hybrid apps. Native apps are mobile apps that are specially designed for particular operating systems – Android and iOS. On the other hand, there are hybrid apps that are a mere combination of both native and web apps. It is always said that native apps will do better than hybrid apps.

To launch an on-demand taxi app instantly, the best way is to choose a ready-made Uber clone appAfter finalizing the app development phase, here’s a glimpse into the important features to include in your app,

  • Easy registration 
  • Real-time tracking 
  • In-built GPS navigation 
  • Taxi booking/cancellation
  • Fare calculation
  • Payment 
  • Notifications 
  • Rating and reviews 
  • Driver daily reposts 
  • Admin panel 

A Clear View Into The Taxi App Development Process

The best development plan will always ideate the process from where it begins to where it will head to. The development phases are classified into four stages, and here’s a glimpse of it, 

Discovery phase – The first step is identified as the discovery phase, where you can invest a good amount of time in researching the facts and market. At this stage, you can work along with your business analyst, product specialists, designers, customers, and project management will be involved in working out the possibilities. However, most entrepreneurs will skip this phase as they feel like it is too expensive. But you can give it a try to bring out the best for your business. 

Development phase – Once the ideas are clear, you can proceed with the taxi app development. Find the best app development firm and try opting for a ready-to-launch taxi booking app. However, this will save the time and money you spend developing from scratch. 

Support and maintenance – When the app is progressing in the market, you need to keep an eye on how it performs and satisfies the customers. You can get on board the app development firm that is responsible for your app development so that they can support you throughout the operations. They will assist you with scalable solutions when your app reaches global standards. 

Taxi app expenditure – The price of app development is determined by various standards. Some of them include the app platform, app design, customization standards, app size, etc. Based on all these factors, the cost of your taxi app is decided. 

Wrapping Up,

With the immense growth of on-demand apps, it has become a quite standardized business idea for entrepreneurs. To inculcate the best in you, this blog was written with major concepts on app development. Now the door is open for you to start finding your best app development firm to develop your Uber-like app successfully!