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Mobile phone and cash

Secret Ways To Earn Money With Your Cell Phone

These electronic gadgets have changed everything in our lives. It has made our day-to-day life much easier than before. Moreover, it also saves our time by making our daily life tasks a piece of cake. These cell phones are helping us in various domains but we all are very much aware of its disadvantages. 


Moreover, it is not hidden how almost half of our time is wasted by using cell phones. Although, we could have done something useful in that time. However, if we will tell you easy ways to earn money through your cell phone so that you can spend time on your cell phone and do something productive too.

Secret Ways To Earn Money With Your Cell Phone

Do you know there are various ways to earn money through your phone?. Well, if you do not then we are here to help you. We are going to tell you the 10 ways to earn money from your phone to get never-ending cash with ease and comfort of your home. Are you ready to party with your friends with never-ending money?. Without any further delay let us tell you the ways to earn money with your cell phone:


  • Buying and Selling
  • Game Playing
  • Survey and Focus Group
  • Sell Your photos on FOAP


Buying And Selling

Let’s empty your wardrobe by selling all those unused items of clothing that are just sitting there in your wardrobe. There are many apps that can help you in doing so, such as:


An app that allows you to sell all those things that are in good condition but not utilized by you such as clothes, accessories, home appliances, etc. The app will take 10% of the total earning and the rest is yours. The process is easy just click pictures, upload them on the app with the desired price you want to sell it into. Buyers will contact you.

Let Go

Another app that allows you to buy and sell preloved items with zero shipping fee because the exchange of items will be from person to person.  Although, before doing and selling, read their safety guidelines to save yourself from any harm of meeting these strangers.


These apps can help you in getting rid of old items and buy something that you might like and use at pretty cheap prices.

Game Playing

We all like playing video games on our phones; however, we never thought about earning money from it. Let us tell you the way to earn money by doing all the fun without any hectic work. These games can help you in making money pretty easily.

Jeeto Paisa

It is a social messaging app that can help you in earning real money. All you have to do is download the game and start playing. It is Pakistan’s first social messaging and reality gaming app. This game connects you with your surroundings through augmented reality and you have to find the hidden treasure to earn money. 


 The game is available in English, Urdu, and Punjabi language. Moreover, you can connect with friends and family to make augmented reality more natural.


It is another app to earn real money. All you have to do is play any game available on this app and make sure you earn the highest score. Moreover, you also have to make sure to stay on the top-10 list of highest scorers. After securing your position on the top 10 list throughout the day, only then you can earn various cash prices.


The top 3 winners receive cash prizes of 1000, 750, and 500 PKR respectively. However, the rest of the 7 players get a top-up of 100. Additionally, there are various categories, and if the player achieved those categories they unlock a range of gifts for themselves.

Surveys And Focus Group

You can earn a good amount of money through filling out surveys or participating in focus group discussions. Additionally, testing products is also an easy way to make money. Although a heavy amount of money can not be earned through this process, it can help you in earning a little amount of money.

I Say

Another app in which you can participate in various surveys, group discussions, or participating in games. The money you earn can be transferred to your account easily.


User Testing

This is a website for writing honest reviews about digital products. Their claim is that you can earn 10 dollars every 20 minutes you spend on a test. The amount will directly be credited to your account. 

Sell Your Photos on FOAP

We all love taking pictures and we do it on a daily basis for maintaining streaks on snap chat but have you ever thought about making money from these pictures?. FOAP is an app where you can sell these pictures and make money from them. Moreover, you can resell a picture as many times as you want.

FOAP will take 50 percent from the selling amount but still, you can make enough money from it. Although, before starting make sure to see the popular images this will give you an idea about the images that are selling in the market. Thus, take images accordingly and start making money.

Buy a Good Cell Phone

However, you need to make sure to have a good cell phone that works well and is compatible with all the apps that will help you in making money. Moreover, a phone with good space so that you can store your data easily. Additionally, a good camera is a plus to help you in selling the products. There are many cell phones in the market that can fulfill this purpose but most of them are out of range. Although, there are very few phones having such features and affordability such as Vivo Y31s, Samsung Galaxy M52, Oppo Reno 6, and Real me 6 pro phones. Get yourself one of the best phones today to start earning with your phone and make yourself independent. 

Lets Earn Money

Get a good phone, start following the tricks and earn a hefty amount of money by spending time on your cell phone doing all these fun and easy activities. Let us know in the comments below about other easy ways to earn money online.