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parental monitoring software

Most Recommended Parental Monitoring Software in 2021

The parental monitoring software programs are sought by the parents to incorporate digital parenting. Digital parenting refers to monitoring the kids virtually through their phones or the PCs they use.

Kids nowadays are on the verge of being impacted and contacted by cybercriminals, and they get bullied and harassed in many ways. The kids are harassed by the criminals, and the criminals want them to reveal the financial information of their family and parents.

This detail is used by the criminals to get illegitimate monetary and financial benefits. Besides this, in the current days, kids excessively indulge in viewing inappropriate and immoral content that hurts them morally and ethically. For the above said reasons at large, the parents look forward to monitoring all the activities of their kids over their PCs and cell phones.

The best parental monitoring software that comes out to the picture is TheOneSpy. It has the best digital monitoring features available to spy on the target child.

This parental monitoring software can be used to spy on cell phones and computers as well. All that a parent needs to do is to install the software over the target device, subject to physical access to the device and purchasing the relevant license.

The monitoring software takes up all the spying without posing any hint to the target user. The secrecy is taken into strict consideration as if the child gets to know of the activity; there can be inappropriate behavior by the child. The key offerings of the best hidden Android spy app are as follows.

Tracking and monitoring real-time location

The real-time location of the target user can be retrieved by using the monitoring software. The application generates a log of all the movements taken up by the child.

Using the software, if the child moves even an inch, the respective movement is recorded. This log is stored over the online dashboard of the monitoring software, which can be accessed at any point in time.

This feature is widely used in locating the target child if the same is not getting connected with the parent at any point of time, so the real-time location of the child can be identified.

Geo-fencing the movement

The movement of the child can be restricted to limited localities by using the geofencing feature. The parental monitoring software allows assigning allowed and forbidden zones for the child to visit.

Once assigned, the app will generate a log of the movement of the target user, and if the child tries getting into forbidden areas, the parents get a notification through the email.

Recording surrounding activities

All the surround listening activities of the target user can be identified and monitored using parental control software. The surrounding sounds can be listened to in real-time because the monitoring software bugs the mic of the target device.

The spy app also bugs the front or back camera of the target device to capture the real-time surroundings of the kid. The pictures can be taken remotely, while the employer can record short videos of surrounding activities by customizing the application work this way.

Screen activities

All the live performing screen activities over the phone and computer can be tracked. The end-user can remotely spy on all the activities that are taken up by the target user at a certain point in time.

The screen activities over certain applications can be recorded in the form of short videos, and these are stored over the online dashboard.

Internal storage tracking

The internal storage tracking feature of the spy app allows spying on all the internal storage of the target device, including multimedia, contacts, calendars, appointments, browsing history, and other browser functions as well.

The website blocking

The website blocking feature of parental monitoring software can be used to restrict the kids’ access to inappropriate and immoral content. The websites that are added to the block URLs list will not remain accessible from the target device, ensuring the moral and ethical well-being of the child by all means.



So, as the discussion rolled out, the best parental monitoring software in 2021 is TheOneSpy. It is available to serve parents regarding all of their concerns. The app can be installed on phones and computers as well.