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Top 5 Design Ideas For Pie Boxes With Unique And Innovative Look

In the baking world, pie boxes are as important as the items they are carrying. They serve various critical functions, from protecting a product to prolonging its shelf life. They have an extremely practical design, but their aesthetic value deserves your attention too. This is because the display value and attractiveness of a packaging drives repeat business for you. You need to be cognizant of various trends and come up with your own design ideas for creating unique packaging. In case you are struggling to come up with ideas or lack inspiration, take a look at our expert tips. 


Transparent Window Design


The latest researches done in the market suggest that the buyers are interested in paying even more for a product packed in transparent packaging design. In this modern world, people want to be completely aware of what they are eating. Bearing that in your mind, make sure to keep the design of your pie boxes completely transparent. To achieve it, some translucent windowpanes could be inserted at the front side of packages by cutting a part of them. Such a clean and clear design can upscale the trust and faith of customers while buying your delectable edibles. It is also useful in assisting them in making a knowledgeable purchase. 


Go For A Metallic Touch


One of the fine strategies to position your pie packages as unique and innovative is through a metallic look. While metallic colors can be a choice, but the best way to achieve this look is through foil stamping. The interesting thing about this technique is that it only creates a striking metallic look on the desired part of the packages. This kind of look is very striking as compared to the traditional white and brown boxes, and not that much expensive. Go on to emboss or deboss the metallic foil so as to give your boxes a distinctive 3D look. 




There are plenty of attractive styles in which these boxes can be customized, but nothing is more effective than sleeve packaging. Customize the design in such a way that you have two different structures, i.e., a cover hollow from the sides and a drawer. Place the product in the drawer that slides into the sleeve. This is a brilliant idea to create truly unique pie packages that amaze the customers in the very first instance.  


Gradient Colors


Color is perhaps the most attractive aspect of any product packaging. Every kind of packaging you see in the retail world contains some sort of coloring. To keep yourself distinctive, it is pertinent to take a different approach, just like the gradient coloring of your packages. The gradients are known to add a level of depth and complexity to the design that drives the customers’ focus towards your items. So, use different gradients or color transitions that keep your packaging design subtle. 


Vintage-Inspired Patterns


Various brands are using some floral patterns to ramp up the look of their packages. But, these patterns are not that effective since they are unable to establish a connection with the clients. Try a new and different approach and introduce some retro-themed patterns in your packaging design. Art deco patterns are a fine example in this aspect that offers a nostalgic value. They tend to take back the clients to the previous eras when everything was simple. They trigger certain emotions that translate into a beautiful experience with your brand. 


The role of pie boxes extends well beyond the shelf and is rendered important in the consumer purchasing journey. This is why their impressive design has become much more important. Add some gradient colors or change the structure of them into unusual configurations to make them look more creative.