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1. If you want to or not, your neighbor will be affected by the notifiable work that you carry out. The early consultation is beneficial in the long run by ensuring the smooth operation of your project
before the ‘ambulance chase letters’ get here!

2. An early awareness of the impact the proposed work will have on the neighbor can ease the way when working with your neighbour. It is not enough to examine the project from your point of view but also from the point that it is likely will be to impact your neighbor and the best way to solve their issues.

At the end of the day, it is not a good idea to creating a stunning home only to reside in a place in which you are a target of the neighbors.

3. Identifying the concerns or issues informing your neighbor how you intend to deal with them to reduce the negative impact on your neighbor’s home, their environment, and living.

4. For example, you could invite you to their house to find out what the implications could be for them and the way you plan to resolve the situation.

5. Eliminating the fear of damage by clearly affirming that the plan of conditions is to be implemented by drawing a line through sand’ prior to any work begin.

6. Utilizing the services of an experienced and skilled party wall surveyor will be able to recommend solutions for any issues that may be discovered.

7. In explaining that there will be a wall of party award, which acts as a way to settle disputes that do not need legal proceedings.

8. Informing you that a final inspection will be conducted to ensure that there isn’t damages to your property or If there was damage due to the work that there is an arrangement in place to ensure that you get the proper compensation to correct the situation.

Benefits of engaging your neighbor early, even before you have a plan.

1. Engaging with your neighbour early could be beneficial for issues like agreeing to build the wall of your rear extension flank across the Boundary It offers you more space in the event that your neighbor uses the wall at a later time and, in addition, you receive the cost of half which could be substantial.
2. Also, when construction of an attic conversion, you’re entitled, without neighbor’s consent to build the entire width of the wall. It is important to inform your architect of this so that you get more room, which means you get half your investment back should the neighbour choose to close the wall at a later date , and lesser disruptions to the work in the event that they decide to do.