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cockroaches in Toronto

How to Know: Cockroaches in Toronto Have Infested Your Space?

Cockroaches will infest your property if you let them invade it. Typically, clean homes can avoid a cockroach infestation. However, roaches can infest even the cleanest of the spaces in Toronto at times. Roaches can eat almost anything that comes in their way, and these filthy pests look for filthy corners in dark spaces. Plus, these pests carry germs with them and are dangerous for children who have asthma. Cockroaches in Toronto aren’t welcoming pests for homeowners like loads of others. Roaches contaminate food, cause allergies, and prefer wandering in dirty spaces. Besides, cockroaches are a problem year-round for residential and commercial spaces in Toronto.   

What Is the Key to Getting Rid of Cockroaches In the First Place? 

The key to eliminating these filthy insects is to act fast once you are sure roaches have infested your space. You should look for signs of a cockroach infestation to know if the roaches have infested your property. Consequently, you can take the right action to get rid of roaches from your property for good. American, German, and  Oriental cockroaches infest spaces in Toronto because of their abundance in the city. However, you shouldn’t worry about their species; you should look for the signs of a roach infestation to take action. 

Marks of a Cockroach Infestation

You can realize a cockroach infestation if you see some live roaches on your property. However, there are 5 telltale signs of a roach infestation, mentioned below:

Fecal Droppings:

You may see small black specks resembling coffee grounds or black pepper on your property. Additionally, larger roaches’ fecal droppings are cylindrical. These droppings are one of the signs of a roach infestation for property owners in Toronto. The amount of cockroach fecal droppings is an indicator of the roach population size.  Thus, the more droppings indicate a large infestation.

Egg Casings:

Female roaches lay oval-shaped egg casings. You may find roach egg casings in areas where cockroaches are active including cabinets, furniture, and other hidden areas. Besides, egg casings are never a good sign because it means roaches are multiplying on your property.   

Musty Odour:

You will sense a musty odour on your property if the roach infestation is severe. You may smell a more pungent and musty odour if the roaches are in large numbers on your property.

Daytime Appearance:

Cockroaches are nocturnal and don’t typically show up during the day. Nevertheless, you can see cockroaches in the daytime also. It can occur when the cockroach infestation on your property is severe. They have to come out of their nests in the daytime when there are so many of them.  

Discovery of Dead Roaches:

You may also find dead cockroaches on your property. If you see dead cockroaches on your space, it means roaches are present on your property. 

Why Do Cockroaches Infest a Space in Toronto? 

Cockroaches are insects; thus, they enjoy infesting a space in Toronto when you invite them to do it. Besides, cockroaches in Toronto infest a property for food, water, and shelter. You may leave food on the counter on your property. Greasy spaces, dirty dishes in the sink, and food crumbs around your space can also invite these filthy pests. Moisture and humidity also attract cockroaches to homes and offices in Toronto. Typically, leak pipes and a wet bath mat is the reason behind the moisture and humidity on properties. 

Moreover, you will mostly find cockroaches in the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room, basement, and adjacent wall voids. Seeing a few roaches on your residential or commercial space doesn’t mean that problem isn’t severe. Probably, hundreds or thousands of roaches might have a presence on your property. Over-the-counter products won’t aid you in getting rid of roaches permanently. You must act fast once you notice a cockroach infestation and contact pest control exterminators for permanent roach removal. 


Cockroaches are filthy pests, yet they can infest the cleanest of spaces. Besides, cockroaches in Toronto carry germs to contaminate food and are dangerous for patients with asthma. You can confirm a cockroach infestation via the following 5 signs besides seeing live roaches on your space:

  1. Cockroach fecal droppings
  2. Roach egg casings
  3. Musty odour
  4. Seeing cockroaches in a day
  5. Discovery of dead roaches

Lastly, you must contact pest control experts to get rid of roaches from your residential or commercial space for good. 

If you have pests or unwanted animals on your property, you should feel free to contact Pesticon, a pest control company, an expert at pest and animal control in Toronto, Kitchener, Cambridge, and Guelph.