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host a virtual educational fair

What is The virtual Education Fair? How to Host Virtual Education Fair

Gone are the times when pursuing engineering and getting into the IITs was the only option people had if they wanted to have stable careers. Now, saying there are as many career options as the stars in the sky won’t sound illogical. But the thing here is, people aren’t aware of these unconventional streams. Though you can get all the information from the internet, nothing matches talking to the experts about it. Various institutions around the globe are hosting virtual educational fairs to help students make career choices.

Read on to know the meaning of a virtual educational career and how you can host one.

What is a Virtual Education Fair?

A virtual education fair is an online event where various universities’ representatives interact with the students and solve their queries regarding higher education. In addition, the representatives offer career counselling, inform the students regarding the courses they can pursue, and other information such as various university options, available scholarships, application fees, and additional relevant information regarding higher education.

Anyone thinking of getting back to studies, pursuing masters, changing career streams, enrolling in any professional or hobbyist courses can attend an online education expo. An excellent platform, virtual education fair lets you interact with top university representatives and opens up various career opportunities for you, and that too just with a single click.

What are the Benefits of a Virtual Education Fair?

Virtual education fairs let you interact with various university and college representatives on a single platform.

 You can have one-on-one interaction with the professors, alumni, students and management of top universities around the globe. Such events allow you to converse with several universities all at once and make it easier to select your choice.

Apart from selecting the course and college, you can also seek the help of experts regarding your application.

Make efficient use of the opportunity and ask them everything you have in your mind regarding your applications. The experts will help you know the mistakes you should avoid in the future while applying for any college or course. They will also help you improve your application to stand out from the rest of the crowd. The university representative will generally judge you from the excitement and curiosity about their university or any particular subject. While seeking expert advice, you should keep in mind that you don’t hold yourself back from asking questions or don’t shy away. Make efficient use of the opportunity and clear every doubt you have regarding their university, career and course choice.

There are many colleges and institutions across the globe that offer various scholarships and other funding schemes exclusively to the students who participate in some particular virtual education shows.

If the authority from the respective universities think you will be a perfect fit for their institution, they might offer you the scholarships. Apart from the universities, the virtual education fair organisers also offer various scholarships to the students. Virtual education expos also have banks and finance companies present during the event to provide students with different education loans.

When it comes to selecting a profession, there are limitless options available, and we are stuck with some conventional choices. Virtual educational fairs allow you to step out of that traditional career choices zone and discover the limitless options.

When you participate in such events, you explore options you’d never even heard of. If you’re someone who remains confused regarding your career choice, these fairs are the perfect solution for you to get out of this dilemma.

Not only career counselling, seminars and workshops are also a part of online career expos. You can attend various keynote sessions to get a clear vision of your career and course choice.

These sessions will also help you know which country you should move to, what subject you should study as well as you will also get some expert tips that would be of great help for you in the future.

How can you host a virtual educational fair?

Here is a step-by-step guide to host an online educational fair

Step 1: Select a suitable date for your online education fair

Start with selecting a date for your educational expo. Then, make sure you have at least five to six months to prepare for your event. This time will allow you to invite universities and colleges and set up everything for your educational fair. Besides that, make sure you give your virtual education fair provider enough time to set up your event. It is always better to keep some extra time as a margin to save the brand from getting embarrassed in case of any emergency or blunder. The most appropriate duration to conduct the event would be the post-exam breaks. It is time when students start looking for options to pursue further. While planning everything, ensure you are getting enough time to execute your ideas to reality.

Step 2: Plan an event budget

Have you ever planned any event without deciding the budget? Sounds impractical, right? Now that you have chosen the date for your virtual educational circumstance, it’s time to plan a budget. Set up a fixed budget in the beginning as it will help to design and arrange everything accordingly. When it comes to hosting virtual events, major expenses include a virtual career fair platform, marketing and promotion. If you host such events annually, it’s better to plan out an annual budget before the beginning of the year.

Step 3: Select the virtual fair platform

Now that you’ve planned everything, it’s time to look out for the most suitable virtual career fair platform. Remember, all your efforts won’t make any sense unless you have an appropriate platform to execute them. When you’re searching fr the correct solution, compare at least two-three options available and then come to a decision. It will help you get your hands on the best option that fits your budget. Here are some features that you should be looking for in software-

  • customized booths
  • gamification
  • live polls and Q&A session
  • networking options
  • live analytics
  • user-friendly interface

Various virtual fair service providers provide all these features and more like them to their users; One of them is Dreamcast.

Step 4: Send Invitations to Institutions and Speakers

Send out invitations to colleges and universities at least two months before the event. You will need to research the top colleges and courses that students prefer these days. Apart from colleges, invite keynote speakers who will deliver motivational talks, seminars to the students. It won’t only engage your audience but also add value to their experience. Add a unique factor to your event that will leave a long-lasting impression on your audience.

Step 5: Promote your Event

Leave no stone unturned when it comes to promoting your event. Use your social media presence effectively to spread the word among the masses. You can also ask the institutions, speakers, and sponsors to promote the education expo. If you are targeting a larger audience, hire paid media strategists that will help you with the marketing of your online career fair. You can also make use of traditional marketing tools like newspapers, flyers, and billboards for promotions.

Step 6: Collect Feedback

An event does not get over once it gets over. Once you’re done with the event, it’s time for you to collect feedback from the attendees. It is a very crucial step that people generally tend to ignore. It is impossible to collect feedback from every attendee personally. To make it easier for you, various virtual fair platforms provide you with the feature of sending out automatic feedback forms as soon as the event gets over. Getting a personal review of the attendees and the sponsors will help you improve future events and plans.

We hope this blog helps you know everything about online career fairs. If you are planning to host one, get aboard with Dreamcast and execute your plans in the best way possible.