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Cost To Create My App

How Much Does It Cost To Create My App?

How much does an app cost? It is the most frequent question of all our clients after having finished explaining their idea. However, this question does not have a fixed answer. The price depends a lot on the expected quality, the functionalities’ complexity, and the design customization. So, we will explain to you how to calculate the price of your app, defining these factors.

How much do you imagine it costs to develop a mobile application?

We could compare developing an app like buying a car. The prices of vehicles depend greatly on several factors such as brand, model, and size, or if you want full equipment. Therefore, it is logical that a full-team BMW costs more than a basic Chery QQ. In the case of mobile applications, the principle is similar. An application costs according to the time it takes to develop it. An app that takes about 100 hours to build will cost much less than one that takes 500 hours.

App cost

It is essential to define your project in detail to determine the number of hours that it will take to develop your app. Even the features that you consider unimportant would be helpful for a developer to calculate how long it would take to carry out your application. However, a developer can detect the cost quickly and correctly using a reliable app development cost calculator.

What factors influence the price of an app?

As mentioned earlier, the cost of an app depends on a combination of several factors. The most common are listed below:

  1. Functionalities

Each function of an application requires an amount of time to perform. You should detail more since the developer will consider this in the letter to determine the number of hours it will take to program. Some functionalities will take more time than others, and some may require more or less time due to specific details that we could omit. So it is recommended that we be very explicit with each function.

  1. Application design

The design of the application is an essential factor so that the application may or may not succeed. After the application is useful for your users and satisfies a need, they will criticize the appearance of your application, be sure (although there are users who will first look at the design).

You can choose to follow the standards of each operating system and use the icons that each one provides, but if you think your app has its own personality, you must accompany it next to visual elements that strengthen that feeling and immerse your users in a unique experience. Defining this factor is essential for the developer to evaluate the level of customization that your app will require.

  1. Platforms

To recognize how much it costs to develop your app, it is also essential to know on which platforms it will be available. For example, do you want an application for Android or iOS? You must have this clear since there are differences between both platforms when creating a mobile app. Another question you should ask yourself is: I am looking for a native, hybrid, or web application? In this case, you should know that a native application will always be more expensive than a web or hybrid application.

  1. Additional Costs

Although this factor is not part of the app’s development, you should consider it within your budget. We refer to the expenses related to the marketing necessary for people to find out about your app, download it, and use it.

Similarly, you must consider that you have to create an account to publish your app in Google Play Store, which costs $25.00. In the case of the App Store, maintaining an account where your users can download your app costs $100.00 annually. If your app has online services, you should also consider hosting costs. Finally, remember that your app will require maintenance and updates over time.