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Homeschooling in U.A.E : General facts, Statistics, And Trends

When one thinks about the Middle East, freedom — notably the freedom to defy conventional wisdom – is not what comes to mind. As a result, it is a surprise to see that one of the most famous freedom movements in the United States, homeschooling, is rising in popularity in the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.). Around 4,000 pupils were officially enrolled as homeschool students in the United Arab Emirates in 2014. This official figure may underestimate the actual amount of homeschooling in that country because it only counts kids over 15 utilizing the national curriculum. Nevertheless, according to a recent article in The National, homeschooling is becoming more popular in the U.A.E. If we look at the trend over the previous several years, we can see that homeschooling has grown at a pace of 2% to 8% every year.

Homeschooling in U.A.E

However, between 2019 and 2021, those estimates have risen significantly. Around 9 million individuals in the U.A.E. claimed they had attended homeschool at some time in their life by the end of 2020. These reasons, however, are linked to the same problems in America’s public education system that former teacher and social critic John Taylor Gatto has been highlighting for decades. Families choose homeschooling for various reasons, including their children’s lack of growth in traditional schooling, differences in religious and educational views, dissatisfaction with established educational techniques, and so on. 

The mode of education that parents choose for their children is an extremely important decision. When deciding on this, they consider the effects of homeschooling and factors like the student’s personality, learning style, availability, and so on.

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According to a National Home Education Research Institute study, homeschoolers scored in the 87th percentile on standardized tests. In comparison, public school students scored in the 50th percentile in some disciplines. According to another study, homeschool graduates have a 10% higher graduation rate than public school kids. In standardized academic success exams, homeschoolers score 15% to 30% higher than pupils in regular schools. This is consistent with 2015 National Home Education Research Institute reports. It demonstrates that homeschoolers may succeed regardless of their parents’ educational and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Due to the high demand for private school spaces in the United Arab Emirates. Many families cannot secure a seat at their desired school, and private school costs in the U.A.E. are steadily increasing. According to a 2015-16 survey by the National Center for Education Statistics on homeschooling statistics, 80% of parents were concerned about the school environment and their children’s safety as they were more vulnerable to negative peer pressure. Parents who homeschool their children are motivated by the desire to safeguard their children from negative influences at school. It outnumbers the 61 percent of parents who are concerned about academic quality. In the case of mental health difficulties or physical impairment, 5% of parents believe. So, that homeschooling is the best way to offer particular care to their children. It enables them to provide better care for their children and decreases their vulnerability to bullying.


Some parents choose to educate their children through real-life activities rather than forcing them to memorize facts from a book. They learn about their children’s true interests in certain areas because of this approach. They know to investigate everything around them, which helps them consider schooling extremely intriguing. Homeschooling entails total parental participation. As a result, they remain up to speed on the current criteria for effectively teaching children by presenting everything to them in an engaging manner. Parents who work full-time should be prepared to spend particular time with their children. And keep them interested by assigning them things to complete while they are away. Teachers can transmit information and skills to homeschoolers without any limitations, unlike public/private educational institutions. This allows youngsters to gain a lot of knowledge from their experiences.

Is homeschooling the way of the future in the U.A.E.?

According to current trends, an increasing number of parents in the U.A.E. and worldwide are contemplating homeschooling for their children. Lower financial expenses, individualized learning, and the other benefits mentioned above contribute to the growing popularity. It is also worth noting that homeschooling permits in the U.A.E. So, as long as your children are enrolled in accredited institutions.